1. inonaz's Avatar
    How about this for a New BlackBerry 10?-img_20150206_205735000.jpg

    Posted via CB10
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    02-06-15 06:00 PM
  2. dangerousfen's Avatar
    And????. Comment????.

    "Z30 STA100-2 UK" Get's a Ten from Fen.
    02-06-15 06:05 PM
  3. jaydee5799's Avatar
    looks like someone overlaid an old kb onto a z10
    02-06-15 06:06 PM
  4. peednus's Avatar
    Hahahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahaha wow!

    Posted via Commodore 64
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    02-06-15 06:13 PM
  5. pgg101's Avatar

    RedBerry Passport / / Telus
    02-06-15 06:15 PM
  6. Yass85's Avatar
    Too early for April fool

    Posted via CB10 on Q10
    02-06-15 06:20 PM
  7. BCLoco's Avatar
    I'm going to presume that the OP was suggesting an idea for a PKB device, rather than attempting to hoax a prototype. Commenting in your post is generally good practice when starting a thread, OP.

    That out of the way, a very slim, easy to handle, PKB phone has some appeal. Added bonus: BB would own the title of both the largest and smallest square display phones on the market today!

    Back to the real world, do I think it's something that BlackBerry should pursue anytime soon? No.
    02-06-15 07:55 PM
  8. girinath's Avatar
    Looks like combination of q10 and z10.
    It looks worse..... Original q10 looks better

    Posted via BlackBerry z10
    02-07-15 09:46 AM
  9. Chandra Prabu's Avatar
    This is what every Blackberry qwerty lovers wish for...Hope this year, blackberry will make it.
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    02-07-15 10:32 AM
  10. BB Adict's Avatar
    @ OP: Would you seriously buy that?

    Posted via CB10
    02-09-15 06:03 PM
  11. sankylie's Avatar
    That keyboard can be detached, slide down if u dont want to use it. And attach it on the back to fully using touch screen.

    Posted via CB10
    02-10-15 08:45 AM
  12. chaihg's Avatar
    Awesome. Just superb

    Posted via CB10
    02-11-15 09:27 PM
  13. Skatophilia's Avatar
    The things people post while waiting for 10.3.1. to arrive....
    02-11-15 09:31 PM
  14. nt300's Avatar
    We have enough QWERTY devices. All we need to fill the void is one more and that's a Q10 successor. Larger screen and higher specs.

    Q30, Z50, Z20, Passport 2.
    8" Tablet - Highly Innovative.

    Q50, Z70, Z40, Classic 2, Passport 3
    7" & 8" Tablets - Highly Innovative.

    Figure I let the Goose out of the bag

    Posted by Q5
    02-12-15 06:54 PM
  15. Skeevecr's Avatar
    We have enough QWERTY devices. All we need to fill the void is one more and that's a Q10 successor. Larger screen and higher specs.
    The q10 successor is the classic, if you want higher specs rather than just increased functionality then BB clearly think you should get a passport, they are trying to reduce their range not expand it with devices that would only cannibalise sales from each other.

    Once that upgraded z3 (rio?) shows up then they will almost certainly stop offering anything outside of them, classic and passport for sale.
    02-15-15 10:00 AM
  16. Maurice Dumlao's Avatar
    Haha you make me laugh

    Posted via CB10
    02-22-15 09:32 AM
  17. AtInsider's Avatar
    BlackBerry will always have 2 to 3 Full Touch Smart Phones out every 2 years, because there is a demand for them. And a much higher demand than a full physical keyboard phone. Lets make that clear. The issue is Marketing. Based on Mr. Chen's comments, this should be rectified in 2015. The strategy for 2015 is mass distribution of new devices and growth with more Carrier support and education about the BB10 platform and its software.

    Q10 > Classic 2014 - BB10 + Toolbelt
    Z10 > Leap 2015 - Sub $200 budget Full Touch
    Z30 > Visa/Victoria 2015 - High End Full Touch - Highly Innovative
    Passport > Passport 2 2015 High End - Possible Full Touch this time with a slide out Touch Sensitive Keyboard.
    TABLET - The BlackBerry PlayBook 2 8" HD 1080x1920 screen with a built in physical keyboard that retracts out if need be.
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    02-27-15 07:59 AM

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