05-08-15 11:25 PM
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  1. slagman5's Avatar
    =>I want a better notification support for android apps like Instagram
    =>All the notification must be displayed on the status bar like that of the iPhone and Android ones
    = > Android runtime improvements

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    That phone OS exists already... You know what I'm about to say...
    04-30-15 12:09 AM
  2. sarcazmo's Avatar
    I'd love to be able to type a contacts name in the dialer and have it pop up. Been wanting this forever.

    Also I think BlackBerry assistant is very sub par, especially compared to Google now. I'd love to see a viable alternative with bbs unique approach.

    I know Chen said he has something in the works for the app situation, but there are a small handful of apps I absolutely need so android runtime improvements are definitely welcome.

    Lastly I'd like to see them work closer with carriers to get updates out. I switched away from my z30 due to the inconsistent sms/mms messaging issues I was having with all the leaks and no officially supported version.

    I'm typing this on my z30, it's basically just a media device at this point. A few small qol adjustments and I'll be right back. This is still the most efficient device I've ever used.

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    05-01-15 09:58 PM
  3. BerryRipe's Avatar
    I expect a lot of whining and complaining on the CrackBerry threads...
    And I'm sure you'll be there to make a smartass reply to each and everyone.

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    05-01-15 10:24 PM
  4. ashwani varshney's Avatar
    I want...Original apps and download/move apps into media card

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    05-01-15 10:31 PM
  5. Dedehendry's Avatar
    I want...Original apps and download/move apps into media card

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    05-03-15 12:43 AM
  6. nuff_said's Avatar
    Option to use the old call screen. Yes. I went there

    They laugh at me because I'm different; I laugh at them because they're all the same. 
    05-03-15 10:36 AM
  7. SuperionMaximus's Avatar
    Android lol.
    I really hope BlackBerry continues to move forward with BlackBerry 10 instead of jumping on the Android Bandwagon.

    Going Android may lead to fast profitability in the short term for the hardware business and allow BlackBerry to move up a percentage point or two in handset sales marketshare. It stops there however. BlackBerry will forever be the security minded niche Android OEM.

    If they stick with BlackBerry 10 and the original vision of becoming a mobile computing company, then over the longer haul they will be right up there with Microsoft, Google, and Apple.

    I mean, anyone who's payed attention to what Microsoft announced at their Build conference, it's pretty much identical to the original vision of BlackBerry 10 right down to plugging your phone into a monitor with Bluetooth mouse and keyboard and using it as a computer.

    Owning an operating system is important. Especially if you want to be an end to end software and hardware company focused on security.

    What BlackBerry needs to do though, instead of just licensing out BlackBerry 10 (though I am all fo licensing it out), is do what Microsoft is doing.

    No more Car 2.0 platform for example.

    ALL BlackBerry 10.

    Convince the companies that are just licensing QNX Neutrino for next to nothing and then building a UI/UX of their own on top of it, to license BlackBerry 10 and build an app for it to run their MRI machine, or parking meter, infotainment system, or whatever. BlackBerry 10 is just as flexible as Windows 10, and BlackBerry could do exactly what Microsoft did and have the OS load a different interface (can even be customer created ones for automotive and whatnot) based on the device and orientation that it loads on.

    The important thing being that it would be one set of developer tools to build for it. One common, core set of BlackBerry apps and services to manage it all. BES 12 and BlackBerry Cloud can easily compete with what Microsoft has on offer.

    The only hard part is selling BlackBerry 10 as a whole package with BlackBerry software and services it would seem. Even Ford kept Microsoft for OTA updates through their Azure Cloud services instead of opting in to BlackBerry services for Sync 3.0. But that's the problem John Chen and the management team should be focused on solving rather then wasting resources looking at how to get more use out of a competing operating system to stay in the hardware business. It should be FULL STEAM AHEAD for BlackBerry 10 in a mobile first cloud first manner just like Microsoft is doing with Windows 10.

    That's how you grow the OS to compete with the big boys. That's how you grow value for the shareholders. That's how BlackBerry becomes a tech giant.
    05-03-15 11:06 AM
  8. nt300's Avatar
    Going Android would be the most ridiculous move that would kill off the hardware division.
    BB10 is far superior, where as Android is a complete un intuitive mess of an OS.

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    05-08-15 10:40 PM
  9. anon6040766's Avatar
    BlackBerry 11, that's what I expect. Enough of this BlackBerry 10 upgrades and variants. It's time for BlackBerry 11 and it's time to blow people away with features and benefits in the consumer environment. Wishful thinking, I know...but small tweaks just aren't getting the job done. If I had two wishes I think would improve user experience though I'd say return to the older calendar and also offer the pre-BB10 unified messaging inbox versus the HUB. I love the HUB now and find it to be quite possibly the best feature and why I'll never leave unless forced, but for some Bold users, all they really want is an upgraded camera and battery life. So there should be like a dual boot OS. One with and one without the HUB if that's possible?

    Posted via CB10 with my AT&T Classic
    05-08-15 11:25 PM
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