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    After seeing some LG flex phone pictures, it came to my mind why not Blackberry does a curved phone? It won't have a curved screen just an angle between the physical keyboard and the screen that when put on a table the screen will have like 22degrees for the rest of the phone. Such phone will remind us of old landline handies and would be a real compact minimalistic metal edge to edge screened nice phone... what do u guys think?

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    01-17-14 09:21 AM
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    BlackBerry can't afford to waste resources on new and strange form factors like LG can. Another dud from BlackBerry, and they could find themselves in a very bad situation. Besides, BlackBerry has always been behind the curve when it comes to hardware tech. Even if curved screens on phones catch on, it will be years before BlackBerry gets around to doing it themselves.

    I personally think BlackBerry would be much, much better off imitating the Nokia 520/521 and Motorola Moto G. I think they could turn the company around with devices like that. Chasing after LG and their G Flex could only end up badly for them though.
    01-17-14 09:34 AM
  3. antoscimento's Avatar
    No no the screen WILL NOT be curved just like a Q10 device but not all flat, a slight angle between the screen and the keyboard. That's all, giving it a computing feeling

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    01-17-14 09:37 AM
  4. Saiga's Avatar
    Yeah I see what you mean. It is interesting idea no doubt, but the end result would still be a new and strange form factor and that would be really risky for BlackBerry to attempt in their current situation.

    Don't get me wrong, I like your idea and would love to see a BlackBerry phone like this exist. Just this is the kind of device BlackBerry should have made years ago, back when they were at the top and could afford to take some risks. If they took risks like that all those years ago, we wouldn't have had so many phones come out with tiny differences in each and BlackBerry may not have fallen so far.
    01-17-14 09:47 AM

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