02-17-15 01:39 PM
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    I wouldn't mind another blackberry tablet as long as it was truly different than the rest. But as some have said it isn't really necessary at this point in time if Blend can be installed pretty much anywhere. I still use my playbook and will continue to do so until it dies completely...whenever that is.

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    A BlackBerry Tablet is very necessary. Many Doctor offices went digital and require secure tablets. No more pens and pencils, its all digital now. The ones I seen were Windows based tablets secured under BES12. The Passport is a fine device, but does not replace a Tablet. It all depends on what you need the big screen for.
    They hate the Windows 8 touch interface. So they use a custom secure program that they work with and keep track with all patients info and data entry etc.
    02-17-15 02:33 AM
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    BlackBerry, if you made a tablet with there specs I would purchase tomorrow. Debt or not debt.
    *im not looking for a powerhouse, simply a tablet that has a long battery life and a crisp screen. Mostly for work purposes but also for watching series and movies. Don't need a quad / octa core for that

    Screen: 9.8" inch (1440 x 2560)
    Processor: 1.7 Ghz (Dual - Core)
    Graphics: Adreno 320
    Battery: 10,350 mAh (3,450 x 3)
    Camera: 8mp (rear) 2mp (front)

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    02-17-15 01:39 PM
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