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    Okay, so it occured to me that the one handed device, with a keyboard, has also been popular with another crowd!

    What about a blackberry pitched at the young, catching their dollars while they are still twitter and image obsessed? (and open to future brand loyalty)

    It could be like the bold, maybe slightly bigger screen, but still ideal for one hand, or the purse. It would have a higher MP camera, flash, autofocus, anti-shake - the works, for _great_ pictures and video (could just use the iphone 4 chip, I believe others can use that).

    There would be a hardware camera or video option - for quick access to facebook fodder creation, selfies, group pics, parties, feet, dinner shots and all the rest.

    There would be a software or hardware switch to either, 1) automatically share the video or pictures without any filter or prompt, the moment they are taken, or 2) to be asked which ones you want. If it was a hardware switch, and there was a hardware button for photos and video (maybe seperate buttons for each) - that would enable people to catch and upload amazing events with no effort, fast as you might imagine - lightening video or picture uploads.

    If you take a series of photos, or a video, if you have the switch on option 2 -after you take them, it could ask you to select which ones go to facebook, twitter, instagram, path, pair etc, and give you the option of putting a caption with it. This phone basically assumes you want to share stuff, unless you say no (or switch both modes off in the settings).

    Actually the hard buttons could be keys on the keyboard "video, camera, share" - for easy one handed use. If you press share before the video or camera, or during, or just after, it shares the pictures or video - if you press it after multiple pictures, it lets you choose which ones.

    So that the whole visual sharing thing is as easy and immediate as possible. Add to this a hardware keyboard, as is typical of blackberry - and the whole texting, messaging, e-mailling machine element comes in too of course.

    There is a central app from which you can access _every_ major or minor social network that people use, right down to pair and bebo, mobo etc... and each thread of conversation in it, as well as your text messages, and rather than BB messenger, the more popular cross platform "whatsapp".

    Within this central app you can happily share media, or attachments, or record pictures or video.

    With fingers that move like lightening, suretype and the keyboard go to work on creating a hundred empty banal messages to freinds, collegues, family and random internet strangers every hour. The dictionary could be set to auto adapt to intentional user mispellings, and would automatically add the latest acronyms and "cool" words.

    Its push notifications can keep you alert to the latest news about justin beiber, or the hashtag trends on twitter, or the utterly non-hysterical circulating memes. It could have some form of inbuilt "fashion"/"culture" news app. Though thats a terrible name for it.

    The phone has an enhance ability to listen to music, and watch media - there is an audio chip in it to reduce noise, enhance audio quality and clarity (perhaps a light compression to max the sound, reduce dynamics), with an eq option on the media player, and a load of good settings for different uses - so with a good set of headphones that stuff is booming.

    Its loudspeaker can also withstand being used as a small portable boom box, for those times you want to irritate everyone around you. It would have an app for soundcloud and an improved streaming radio. There would be hardware buttons, on the edge, for play/pause, next.

    There is a chip also that allows truely random shuffle (rather than fake random), for the best listening experience.

    It can take up to a 64 or 128 gb sd card, so it can be stuffed with libraries of music and video. It can stream video not just from youtube, but from a variaty of online sources.

    It has a mode to automatically hide what you are doing - and the screen can be switched into a more limited veiwing angle. Even when the lock screen is unlocked, you can lock individual applications, password folders and files.

    Its lighter one handed design allows it to be stuffed into insanely tiny purses, back pockets, and used one handed while your parents are talking to you, or you are walking into a lamp post to busy to pay attention.

    It should also have a private diary app, for those people that want to catalogue everything but not share with strangers on the internet - which allows video, photos, voice recording, and voice dictation. Passworded obviously. You could opt to share things within it, socially.

    It would have a passable GPU, for primarily casual games on its screen. The keyboard would also have some keys layed out, and marked to be useable as arrow directional keys and action1-3 (big disadvatange of casual gaming on all touch devices). It would also feature accelerometors. Perhaps an old handheld format compatibility, like with PSP? Not needed though! But if a bigger selection, of not nessasarily fancy but fun games could be brought in, that could add to the attraction of a mobile, this or any other.

    The mobile should come equipped with several, decent, non-demo games - and one or two that can be used multiple player, or massively multi player online.

    It would have bluetooth, and wifi, and GPS (for walking and busing and driving) but no compass, no near feild communication (thats going to be in credit cards anyway and wifi direct can do file sharing). Perhaps with bluetooth it could pair its audio driver with multiple speakers.

    The cpu and ram would be primarily optimized for the interface, and social stuff - so that this element is quick, rather than bogged down by delay. The internal SD would be higher speed class to handle the media recording.

    It might be coloured light purple or blue (better have a male freindly colour too, and pink is a little naff), - id say four different colours, some more sedate- fresh enough to be not stale or old, but not so much it looks like a kids toy. Third parties can sell customized flip covers, gel pads, battery covers and so on.

    The battery would not need to last more than a day of use, expecting that wifi will not be much used. As a device utterly optimized for video recording, camera, social networking and music - as well as useable in one hand and small, the practicality of this design for younger users could well exceed any desire for a bigger screen or higher specs - and if it was taken up by _some_ highly social users, others would copy.

    Attracting the younger market, is an almost standard "
    competition" level company way of swaying the market. Younger users are less impressed by the fastest CPU, and highest ram than older users are - they might be wowed by entirely new things, but not as much by faster, stronger - and they are also impressed by how you can use it, and what for, making this an ideal market for blackberry to target. The ability to use both android and blackberry apps is a great selling point for young and old - more apps than any other platform as far as I know.

    Of course, they will need to come up with some better names for their next line of mobiles!
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    Sounds good to me! Probably not gonna happen though
    05-04-14 04:08 PM
  3. Jamie Brahm's Avatar
    I hope it does. Its a prefect application for the hardware and software platform BB has. They wanted to get the curve to appeal to this market, and to a limited degree it did, but they have to do a lot more to make such a phone appeal

    - better camera, better music, better social networking options, maybe a fresher look...(and maybe just maybe some retro hand held gaming compatibility in the form of the PSP?)

    So its a market BB have expressed interest in tapping. And thats logical not just because of the suitability of the hardware and software platform but because youth marketing can win future brand loyalty.

    Iphone and samsung are saturated in the younger market. Grandmas have them too now. Young kids need some different looking phone to be fashionable, the iphone or note isn't going to cut it any more. If there was a keyboard phone with inbuilt functions that made it ideal for them, they could be all over it.

    Perhaps the other thing to add, is this phone doesn't have to be cheap. If it looks cool, and does cool things, being slightly pricier can add to the appeal for younger markets (not everyone can buy one at first)
    05-13-14 03:30 AM

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