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    Chen's turnaround is in need of a Maverick Innovation. Like e-mail or i-tunes on your phone... I have spent a couple years building an operating system for myself. (I am a self employed stock trader).

    The CHRONOSyouarehere Project is completely unique. The operating system isnt for regular thinkers Blackberrys user base is almost entirely Global Business thinkers.

    The CHRONOSyouarehere Project was designed to turn your internet capable TV into your Personal Dashboard. Creating an entirely new household interface. Your Blackberry Device being youre remote control. The project created a completely unique toolset that applies to every person on the planet. Science and technology have only now enabled us to build this tool. It reframes our reality with a perspective that has never been proposed before. It is singularly the smartest thing ever created so far. Using a unique method to present everyday information it enables the user to organize thoughts, activities and all aspects of their life. (It is through organization and planning that progress is made.)
    Because the material is presented in a format never proposed before I have created explanation videos. They can be viewed here either on the website or on a playlist on Youtube.

    I would do business with Blackberry for stock warrants, performance rules. Period.

    Please tell everyone you know that works for Blackberry to have an honest look; we need a Maverick to complement Chen ability.

    Thanks for your time.
    09-25-15 10:20 AM

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