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    I talked in a BBM Group about what coule be better in BBM / Blend and I wanted too tell you about my idea.

    I think that able to use only one device with a BlackBerry ID will make BBM and BlackBerry fall behind in lack of expierence.

    I think Blend should stop syncing to your device all the time for BBM, for the rest I don't see problems.

    But I use blend mostly for BBM and I don't see a reason for BlackBerry to sync BBM to blend if they can use a central server (or your own, i'll come back to this).

    People carry more devices at the time, lets say as example I have:
    1. Passport for business
    2. Q10 for private
    3. Z30 for multimedia

    I don't want to give everyone all 3 pins because I don't know which of my devices i will use on what times.
    And people don't want to be like "lets send hi to all 3 devices, and see which one he replies on".

    By having multi login you can use more devices at the same time (msn could).

    The other problem, when you sign into BlackBerry ID on all 3 devices at the same time you will not be able to use bbm because it will transfer devices all the time.
    But you don't want to create 3 different BlackBerry ID's because nobody wants to buy every app 3 times.

    One of the things BlackBerry can do with multi login and able to secure this is create a "master key" on blackberryid.blackberry.com.
    With this master key you can permantenty activate or block devices to be able to sign in your BBID.
    So when I sell my Q10 as example, i'll block it to make sure that nobody can use it with my blackberryid.

    When someone else tries to login, i'll get a notification on all of my other devices that someone tries to login and that I need to accept this, filling ni my "master key".
    Facebook has it, MSN messenger had the same (notification part).

    Activate, block, everything using this way.
    By doing this you can have BBM on any device with the same BlackBerry ID.

    How to do about the PIN? well you can just give any of your connected blackberry pin's and they will all work.
    No need to transfer contacts between all devices.

    Other thing that meight be working is your own BlackBerry Home Gateway, let me explain.

    A simple device (Passport HW, or Z10, Z30) running QNX with a secure webinterface.
    What you do is connect this device on your network connection at home, office, or anything.
    Sign in with your BlackBerry ID, and activate your devices on this device.
    All BBM messages, contacts, calenders, email everything will be synced to this "main" device only, able to add a harddisk to it (build in encrypted) gives people a way to access / share / sync files between blackberries using 1 device only.
    Example: I go to filemanager on the passport, copy to this main device, my passport will be able to download the file.
    You might say: use dropbox, but its not the same this is way more secure.
    Now, BlackBerry blend is using your device to sync messages.. we can ask blackberry to use a central server but how about this device i mentioned?

    I want to add a few little things:

    This device could also be used to manage your kids device, example he/she won't be able to turn gps off.
    You can set/change/install apps remotely by just loggin in, you can display a message on the screen (like on bbid website).

    Manage which apps he or she can't use or on which times, see it as a sort of "home" bes option, but no need to have all options like bes has.

    I hope you get my point :smileywink:
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    10-26-14 05:52 AM
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    I like your idea. I know a lot of people that carry a couple of devices.
    10-26-14 09:43 AM
  3. Jacky_canada's Avatar
    great idea.

    PIN 2BDF563E | Posted via my sexy Blackberry Passport
    10-31-14 07:55 PM

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