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    Okay, before you look at this and laugh, hear me out. In China people are going back to flip phones, so there is a demand for Clamshell devices. Second, the style was an amazing phone on Os6-7 and people loved it. Imagine a BlackBerry 10 Version,
    BlackBerry 10 Style-dexati20150720015832.png
    BlackBerry 10 Style-dexati20150720015159.png

    No ik it's a Extremely bad render, but I did it to explain myself, BlackBerry has a good thing going with the 1:1 Ratio screen display, in the picture when the device is closed it has a 1:1 all touch display, yes only the screen nothing else, infact it will be programmed (if I made it) to never have a VKB on it. There is only one camera, the reason for this is because having that screen upfront will allow a selfie mode when closed, and camera mode when opened, just the image appears on a different screen! There will be a button (Mute, from the volume buttons) That will take the photo for you. Think the front screen as a quick look type thing, see who is calling, quick look at the hub (Unread notifications), Camera's screen aswell, clock, battery status, whatever you choose to do. When you open the device you get the old bbos7 Familiarity, the track pad, go back, hang up, call, and menu buttons, as the screen on the inside is NOT touchscreen, (Front screen shuts off when opened, to turn on front screen just swipe up or phone will stay in sleep mode, turn on will allow you to see notifications and take pictures + more), Keyboard will be touch enabled to keep the swipe gestures bb10 is now used to when typing,

    Priced around 600$


    Camera- 20mega pixels (Best selfie camera to date [13mp is highest])

    Ram: 4gb

    Screen : Front screen (Screen that shows when it is closed) 355ppi ratio is 1:1, Inside screen (When phone is opened) 455 ppi Ratio 4:3!

    Speakers: 2 stereo speakers At top and bottom. Ear speakers 1 placed at top.

    Mic: 2, one at bottom of the phones bottom lip, and One placed at Top lip (For calling even when phone is closed)

    Battery: 3200mah lithium Ion battery.

    Processor: 810 snapdragon, Quad core.

    Ports: USB 2.0, HDMI mini

    The bb10 version will be thinner, and more squared but still have the round corners to feel modern and comfortable.

    (Anything else you think it should have feel free to comment)

    This is my poor render of a Bb10 version of The Style, honestly I would buy it if it looked like this (Minus the weird cropping)

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    07-20-15 01:13 AM
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    I'd buy that.

    Herp derp
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    07-20-15 02:14 AM
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    I am considering the fact how one would use gestures. An individual would need a huge hand.

    I hate flip phones!

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    07-20-15 02:20 AM
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    Which gestures? It's a small device it literally fits in one hand xD but is big enough (not to small not to big)

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    07-20-15 03:20 AM
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    BlackBerry is already the laughing stock of the mobile world. Please, don't try to make things worse.

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    07-27-15 10:19 AM

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