1. Morskoy Kotik's Avatar
    Hello everyone!

    Present my concept BlackBerry Q50:

    BlackBarry Q50-1.jpg
    BlackBarry Q50-2.jpg
    BlackBarry Q50-3.jpg

    BlackBarry Q50-bbq50-black.jpg
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    04-26-15 03:36 PM
  2. pttptppt's Avatar
    What program did you use? And what specs do you want in this q50?

    Posted via CB10
    04-26-15 03:37 PM
  3. Morskoy Kotik's Avatar
    What program did you use?
    3D Max 2015 and Photoshop.

    And what specs do you want in this q50?
    I do not know much English and did not write technical specifications.
    04-26-15 04:35 PM
  4. Plazmic Flame's Avatar
    This is awesome!
    For some reason I thought of this as an in-game item in The Sims videogame.

    Anyone remember when Homer Simpson made that car? lol
    04-26-15 11:31 PM
  5. rebroker2009's Avatar
    Nice job but looks kinda thick and the key layout looks weird to me but I am sure I would try one out if you can get me a real one

    Blackberry Passport running
    04-26-15 11:43 PM
  6. Supa_Fly1's Avatar
    Needs to be refined, although I did the smiley keyboard concept!

    Good work put into this, looking forward to its polish over a few sessions. Let's see it evolve and keep at it.

    "If it don't make dollars, it don't make sense Originally by DJ Quick.
    04-27-15 01:29 AM
  7. deadcowboy's Avatar
    As goofy as this looks, a lot of the ideas are good. Curved island keyboard, separate island keys for the toolbelt, usb-c, charging contacts, stereo speakers near the top instead of the bottom, volume rocker on the left, etc. I could get onboard with something like this.

    I especially like the grey-colored finish. I'd kill for a grey blackberry.

    Posted via CB10
    04-27-15 12:24 PM
  8. Morskoy Kotik's Avatar
    04-27-15 08:11 PM
  9. Pcmx's Avatar
    The all red one is looking pretty good. Nice work on the renderings!

    Posted via CB10
    04-28-15 12:09 PM
  10. Morskoy Kotik's Avatar

    The quality is better:

    BlackBarry Q50-bbq50rb.jpg
    BlackBarry Q50-bbq50r.jpg
    04-28-15 12:51 PM
  11. L_O_D_B's Avatar
    Fantastic concept! I would cop!

    Posted via CB10
    04-29-15 04:39 PM
  12. hoonigan99's Avatar
    Hmm, this concept has some really good qualities, but at the same time it looks cheap and old school..

    This could serve as a Q5 replacement, but I think the higher end versions would have to have a more flush look to keys, there is a reason "apple products are beautiful" it's because they look simple and elegant, this lacks that touch.

    Really good job though, apart from the keys, the overall shape and design look really nice

    BB for Life
    04-29-15 11:15 PM
  13. Heath Coggan's Avatar
    Moderator, please fix title. BlackBerry, not BlackBarry

    Posted from my red Z10
    04-30-15 03:02 AM
  14. Morskoy Kotik's Avatar
    Moderator, please fix title. BlackBerry, not BlackBarry
    Yes, I can not change the name of the theme. :-/

    P.s. White:

    BlackBarry Q50-bbq50w.jpg
    04-30-15 04:10 AM

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