1. DezertDwella's Avatar
    I'm aware that blackberry for some reason decided to go with non removable batteries on their devices, although I disagree with the decision but I'm sure they have their justifiable motives, but let's hypothetically imagine this scenario since I believe it will help the power users/professionals who need their phone to be operative at all times and not having to be stationary (tied to a charger) or carrying a power bank:

    1 - Instead of having one battery in a a device it should be split into 2 removable batteries wherein the phone uses them consecutively and one can be removed to be charged while the other one is powering the phone.

    2 - The batteries can be charged through the standard charging port in the device and also through a dedicated battery charger (similar to DSLR camera battery chargers) charging one or more batteries at a time.

    3 - the user has the option through the OS to choose which battery operates the phone in order to remove the other battery to charge.

    I think this would make life so much easier since there wont ever be a need to turn off the phone to swap batteries nor will it be necessary to stay beside a charger waiting for the battery to charge, plus, the user can buy say 2 or 3 pairs of batteries and never ever run out of juice.

    What do you guys think?
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    04-28-15 09:32 AM
  2. pyBerry's Avatar
    That's a lot of extra cost and weight for a small benefit. Non-removable batteries are bigger because the space used up by bays and connectors isn't needed. Having used a Passport since November last year, I am now completely against removable batteries.

    Posted via CB10 from BlackBerry Passport
    04-28-15 09:54 AM
  3. Halueth's Avatar
    I still like removable battery since that you can just change the battery when it almost depleted. But with the growing market of cheap and good power bank, this becoming more and more irrelevant to have removable battery if the phone have a force reset or turn off button.

    Having 2 battery seems good but yes, it is too small of battery to be effective compared to the extra for the docking.

    Posted via CB10 on BB Z10
    04-29-15 09:39 AM
  4. Gajja's Avatar
    I use a battery that has a USB output. It's good for the phone and also for other things that charge off USB, that I also carry around from time to time.

    I'm happy as long as a defective battery can be changed with the assistance of a few tools, when the battery reaches the end of it's service life. I know not everyone shares this opinion, I guess it's down to each person's circumstances.
    04-29-15 09:56 AM
  5. ominaxe's Avatar
    I think it's an interesting idea and I like it. Almost like a reserves gas tank in a car or all terrain vehicle. You'd never have to turn your phone off to juice up.

    I'm pretty sure the reason they went with non-removable battery is it's less expensive and also less prone to problems. Seems like this may add more of both.
    04-29-15 05:11 PM
  6. BerryRipe's Avatar
    Interesting idea!

    I do prefer one removable battery because it could be bigger than the two put together because less connections and all.

    Besides even though reboots aren't mandatory on BB10 I believe it's a good thing to do a battery pull every now and then.

    Posted via CB10
    04-29-15 05:28 PM
  7. DezertDwella's Avatar
    Right, the passport has a great battery but look at the size it had to be to fit such a battery! Not every BlackBerry can be that big, I for one think it's way too big and would never buy it no matter how amazing it's battery is.
    04-30-15 05:34 AM
  8. DezertDwella's Avatar
    Im thinking a classic sized phone wherein the 2 batteries together will give slightly less than the classic's battery or say a better life than the Q10's
    04-30-15 05:40 AM
  9. Ed YANG's Avatar
    I am one who prefers removable batteries than those un-removable ones, although the latter can be much larger capacity and making phones aesthetically slim and sexy.
    The reason? Simple... battery leaks due to a little few QC missed ones that may f@ck up the whole system after some period of usage. Removable batteries allows me to source for replacements easily without the need of popping off those fixed covers and messing up those circuits.
    Yes... external batteries are helpful when non-removable batts runs low. But how about when the non-removable cannot hold it's charge for long when used for more than 500 cycles? Note that the fixed battery serves as a connecting "circuit" to the phone system. When it goes kaput... do u want to carry two items to get the phone powered? I couldn't figure how it looks when i have to tie my Z3 and a battery pack together with a rubber band then...
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    05-01-15 02:13 AM
  10. Plazmic Flame's Avatar
    I'm fine with non-removable batteries as long as "all-day" battery life is the goal of the manufacturer. Aside from the Passport, any other BB10 devices from BlackBerry have failed in this department. With current tech, they need to have 3,000+ mAh batteries in their devices going forward.
    05-07-15 11:17 AM

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