1. Superfly_FR's Avatar
    My classic randomly display the homescreen with magnified icons. I can pinch and all is back normal.
    Does anyone ever had that ?

    (PS: trying to help a non English speaking here, obviously )

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    06-21-16 01:56 AM
  2. Superfly_FR's Avatar
    Ok, self solved.
    This is a zoom enabled for accessibility (not sure how it became enabled though, maybe a 'pocket' issued kb shortcut or the likes ?).
    Settings/accessibility, uncheck - solved.

    Leaving it here for ref.
    06-21-16 02:40 AM
  3. Erik_1991's Avatar
    In settings accessibly and than the first toggle

    [Edit] Nevermind.. waited to long to press post :P

    BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition 
    Superfly_FR likes this.
    06-21-16 03:07 AM
  4. Superfly_FR's Avatar
    Thanks anyway, Erik
    06-22-16 06:33 AM

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