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    I used to think that there was a lot of things I liked on the Classic that would never make me switch to Apple or Android. Things such as the hub I thought was one of the best things BlackBerry had come up with for BB10 and for me personally coming from BB7 the hub was a God-send. But....now I've seen the hub is available on all androids. I've seen people say they happy to switch now because of the hub and other thing that come along with It and it got me thinking. The hub isn't actually keeping me to the Classic. It's the physical keyboard that allows me to do things that no android device can do. So I decided that it's the pkb and that only that's keeping me to the Classic. From my first Blackberry in 2009 I've always had a pkb and never had anyphone but Blackberry. But....I use whats app a lot so come the end of the year I've got to rethink what I'm going to do. I dread to think ill have to be typing on a touch screen. Grrrr

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    08-03-16 08:08 PM
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    You won't find many of us in the Q, Classic, PP, 9900, et al forums giving you any grief on positive PKB statements! Total agreement. If PKB is as important/desirable as you write, then I can only suggest you analyse the need for specific apps. I challenged my team once to use only the apps they truly like/require. Not a surprise to me, but of the many apps, they were able to whittle down to about 10. And in most instances, all those were on BB.

    Note, I do realise some apps are not available and that each person must select the solution that best fits their specific needs.
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    08-03-16 08:28 PM
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    Priv is always an option. That way you have both. I like mine. I'm relatively new to pkb but I like using the one on my priv. By the same token I really like BlackBerry vkb and it's one of the first things I really liked about my switch to bb10 from android. One of the deciding factors for me to get a priv when I retired my z30 was it had to have the BlackBerry vkb. I hate every other android keyboard I ever used. The fact that I get my hub, although not as good as bb10, was another. The security in the Android software that comes with using BlackBerry hardware was another factor. It's not bb10 but I have no regrets. I'm happy BlackBerry made my transition to back to android better with the priv

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    08-03-16 08:29 PM
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    I agree, the BB VKB is the best going: have a Z30 I sometimes use on the weekends when out with the kids. Great for educational games.However, for me, the Priv's PKB is a disappointment compared to the 9000,9900, and Q.

    Also, and this is likely more due to hype, but I was expecting a truly premium device. After all, the Priv was marketed as such. Yet for me, the slider mechanism was in no way comparable to the engineering and build quality of say the Nokia 8800 or the 8910i. Yes, I know, different times, different technologies. Nonetheless, the slider was such you wanted to play with it, flick open and close. The materials, the tactile sensation . . . I think you get a sense of my disappointment with the Priv.

    I am happy with the stock of Q's I have. At some point in the future will have to make a decision . . . .
    08-03-16 09:07 PM
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    That did cross my mind but the reviews on the Priv's PKB hasn't been good.

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    08-04-16 05:00 AM
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    The PKB is the best on Classic - I've tried all previous BBs before (and briefly the Priv) and Silver Edition Passport one is 2nd, but Classic's is the best!

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    08-04-16 08:16 AM
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    Love my Classic too! Just bought a backup and put. Colbalt's .apk downloads on that phone. You can probably get Whats App by doing that? If you wish. Love my physical keyboard!!!

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    08-04-16 10:00 AM
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    By then the Priv should be dirt cheap, and there might be a pkb Android device coming from BB too...

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    08-04-16 12:01 PM
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    The Priv's keyboard is about the same width as the Classic's, but is only about 70% the height, which is why some find it a bit cramped.

    I expect that the keyboard on the Rome/Mercury will be very similar to the Classic's. BlackBerry has said this device is coming, and it is expected to be announced Q1 2017.

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    08-04-16 12:34 PM
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    By then the Priv should be dirt cheap, and there might be a pkb Android device coming from BB too...

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    If the Andriod PKB came out before the end of the year I would be super happy. But reports are it's next year.

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    08-05-16 08:26 AM

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