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    Blackberry Blend Version -
    Blackberry OS Version -

    So - just received my highly anticipated Blackberry Classic, finished porting old phone settings via Blackberry Desktop 10 and ready to pair with Blackberry Blend which displayed "Verify this is the pin displayed on your device", the Blackberry Classic has a prompt saying it requires the latest version of Blend in order to connect.

    I either:

    A) Say yes to the Blend question despite what the phones says, resulting in pairing on both sides but never connecting
    B) Click 'close' message on the phone and it cancels the Blend pairing attempt

    After multiple troubleshooting attempts:
    A) Removing Desktop/Blend software, running ccleaner and reinstalling.
    B) Removing paired computer from the Classic and Desktop/Blend software and reattempting
    C) Allowing Blackberry programs through firewall

    After wasting enough time to buy two additional phones, I decided to call the number on the card - what an eye opening experience!!

    I have been listening to the same IVR for TWO HOURS! They are suggesting to head over to the BlackBerry forums because there are thousands of their customers "online now waiting to assist you"... Is this their support strategy?

    A pity these are the lasting experiences customers remember and share, not fluffy marketing. Any excitement is now thoroughly deflated.

    Called the provider, they won't support the device but agreed to look into wtf is going on.

    ***Update - P.S. Provider called back an hour later (I was still on the original hold for BB), they forwarded me to a BB rep to forward me to Classic support - back on hold again 30 minutes and counting. What a $#!*show! Time to return I guess... not looking forward to 2 years of this.
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    Did you update the blend app on your Classic?

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    01-08-15 11:36 AM
  3. anon(1852343)'s Avatar
    Did you reboot both?

    Blackberry Passport running
    01-08-15 11:38 AM
  4. adevx's Avatar
    Yes rebooted both numerous times, I've had lots of time to try troubleshooting. Even so far as trying to remove residual registry keys, nothing.
    01-08-15 11:41 AM
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    They are suggesting to head over to the BlackBerry forums because there are thousands of their customers "online now waiting to assist you"...
    Wow! I could not believe it. This one is CLASSIC.
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    01-08-15 12:06 PM
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    I really wish BlackBerry would take a lesson from Apple support.

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    01-08-15 12:17 PM
  7. Alain_A's Avatar
    Disconnect your Antivirus and firewall

    Z 30
    01-08-15 01:09 PM
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    Do you have Desktop software installed or Link? If I'm not mistaken the Classic really only works with Link.
    01-08-15 01:27 PM
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    I had this issue when trying Blend on my Z10 running If it is telling you that the "phone" needs the latest version of Blend, please try the following (ensure you have installed BlackBerry USB Modem drivers and/or Link). You can get them from http://ca.blackberry.com/software.html). Also make sure you have enabled other sources on your phone: Settings > App Manager > Installing apps.

    Check the version of Blend on your phone (it should be by going to Device Monitor > Storage > BlackBerry Blend. If it is, stop; this post won't help you. If not, proceed below:

    1: Download Latest Sachesi 2.0.0 RC to your computer from here:

    2: Download latest Blend bar from here:
    Quote Originally Posted by SirJes

    Latest blend bar, for those who want's it extracted for some reason.
    3: Rename the downloaded Blend bar to "sys.fuse.bar"

    4: Connect your phone to the computer and enter password if requested

    5: Run the Sachesi program you downloaded and go to "install" tab

    6: Select Install file and browse to the sys.fuse.bar you just downloaded. Sachesi should say successful or something.

    7: Restart phone and retry Blend

    Best of luck.
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    01-08-15 01:52 PM
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    Update - Have case opened, haven't received callback yet (had to let them go because I couldn't waste my whole day on this crap)... Told them what I tried and what was happening and didn't feel there was any hope of a quick resolution.

    Thanks for the recommendations - I verified it is the latest version of blend

    1. AV Exclusions for every aspect of BB Blend and child application
    2. Works absolutely fine / paired on BB Link, same computer
    3. It specifies the exact message on the Blackberry Classic (to which my computer is showing as paired):
    "Blend Initial Pairing - Your device must be paired with the most recent version of BlackBerry Blend. Please update BlackBerry Blend on your computer or tablet."
    01-08-15 03:40 PM
  11. Alain_A's Avatar
    The only install should have been done by the phone

    Z 30
    01-08-15 05:47 PM
  12. adevx's Avatar
    Alain_A - you're right

    In the end the Blend client version on Blackberry's website is whereas the Classic pushed me version Naturally support had absolutely no clue as to what version it should be...

    In my defense I was using downloaded copies off the website because even with USB 3 the install from Blackberry took over 20 minutes!

    - Unplugged BB
    - uninstalled BB Desktop 10, rebooted
    - plugged in BB via usb
    - when prompted on Classic chose 'Install Drivers'
    - when complete launched setup.exe on pc
    - next,next,finish
    - wait for the exceptionally long device initialize & storage initializations to finish in windows notification area
    - open blend on the computer
    - pairing should now work

    Guess they were too busy selling the Classic to update the damn Blend download link...
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    01-08-15 05:54 PM
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    I'm pretty sure the version on the website is right. It's published date is 12/17 and that's where I always get it from. Maybe you got an old link somehow.

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    01-08-15 07:23 PM
  14. Fastmarc's Avatar
    Will it work with Desktop 10 vs Link?.
    01-08-15 07:40 PM
  15. andy957's Avatar
    I really wish BlackBerry would take a lesson from Apple support.

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    ....or Amazon..even better

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    01-08-15 10:19 PM
  16. adevx's Avatar
    Since starting this thread the BB Blend version on ca.blackberry.com/blend now appears to be correct.
    Yesterday if you downloaded the release date was 12/02/2014 not 12/17/2014.

    For American users it may have been different on the us.blackberry.com/blend.

    If there is ever a recurrence, I'll be sure to check both sites and compare the release dates.

    P.S. Had the phone 3 days, liking it so far. Blend is impressive, and so is this keyboard!
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    01-09-15 09:31 AM

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