1. paradive's Avatar
    okay, i run into about 2 a day, but right now i just have a few in my head.....

    for a ton of words, BBOS adds an apostrophe!

    a few examples:

    phones -> phone's
    its -> it's
    hell -> he'll

    i've looked in "word substitution" and there's no entries for anything i run across.....

    what gives?
    05-04-16 09:30 PM
  2. undefinederror's Avatar
    Try going to settings -> language and input -> prediction and corrections -> then click clear learned words.
    Unfortunately, this will clear everything. But maybe that a price you're willing to pay.

    Otherwise if you can't afford to clear all your learned words:
    when you are typing, you will see the word(hell) flash green and switch to the incorrect word(he'll). STOP TYPING!
    You need to stop typing before you start typing the next word. If you accidentally type the next word, then you've essentially told the word substitution that it's done a good job. So before you begin to type the next word, backspace twice and let it undo it's auto-correction. That will tell the system it made an incorrect assumption.
    You will have to do this until you have used hell more times than you have used the word he'll.
    The system will correct to what word you use more.

    If it's easier for you, you can create a shortcut rule for one of your words.

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    05-04-16 09:59 PM
  3. slagman5's Avatar
    I have the opposite problem. Word substitution doesn't work at all when I'm typing a text to someone. I've gone into the settings and it's set to "On" but it doesn't substitute ANYTHING... It'll do it here, but not while typing a text. Doesn't make any sense...

    Edit: nevermind, I figured it out, and it was super simple. There is a separate setting in the hub for word substitution in SMS.

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    05-28-16 08:21 PM

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