01-22-18 12:08 AM
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    With the right optimization, you should get about 4h SOT at least on the Priv. There are threads on this all over here, but start with scaling down the screen resolution to 1920x1080, disabling Google location scanning, disabling wi-fi and bluetooth scanning when off, etc...
    I always have location services off on all my phones. Bluetooth as well. WiFi I do have on but I also have "run in background" off on all the apps I can.

    I always meant to turn down the resolution but I was too lazy.

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    01-22-18 12:07 AM
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    That doesn't sound normal, what usage is the Battery tab in settings showing?
    Never checked. Too late now because I wiped the phone.

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    01-22-18 12:08 AM
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