1. VictorBaverel's Avatar
    What's you mean about secured ?
    NSA can't watch m'y text message? Can't record my voice?

    Thx to explain me

    PS: sorry for my bad english

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    07-18-16 05:55 PM
  2. thurask's Avatar
    It depends on which threat vector you're talking about (black hats or governments?), and whether or not you're on a BES.

    Of course, at this point, a large part of the BB10 security model is being so obscure as to avoid detection, much the same way Iceland is safe from invasion.
    07-18-16 06:44 PM
  3. anon(3641385)'s Avatar
    Yeah, secure from what or from whom?

    BB always seems to have had a reputation for being 'secure', but what does it really mean?

    And especially for BB OS10 + users .....
    07-19-16 07:00 PM
  4. MDoza's Avatar
    Well it depends on your setup. For consumers there is encryption and the boot process checks for malicious code. There is the ability to send secured bbms. There is the ability to audit what private info apps have access too and disable or uninstall them or deny them access to certain information. For corporations and governments there is a lot more. I think these were pretty revolutionary in the mobile space but are becoming common now.

    Posted via CB10 on BlackBerry Classic
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    07-19-16 07:17 PM
  5. anon(3641385)'s Avatar
    I seem to recall that it used to be because prior to OS10 personal BBs went back through RIM's servers, and that was the 'security'.

    But from OS 10 on, all personal BBs go through their ISP's. So I'm still unclear as to how the OS and data are secure .....
    07-19-16 07:31 PM
  6. MDoza's Avatar
    Yeah that is true. But you can arguably achieve higher security with just a VPN. Besides consumers were annoyed that they had to pay extra for the BlackBerry network. I would argue we have more security options now no matter what the platform is. BlackBerry was still ahead of the curve it's just that competitors are catching on now.

    Posted via CB10 on BlackBerry Classic
    07-19-16 09:11 PM
  7. mh1983's Avatar
    Security through obscurity.

    Posted via CB10
    07-21-16 05:03 PM
  8. BrianCledwyn's Avatar
    Having no apps=security.
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    07-21-16 09:40 PM
  9. ddlbb's Avatar
    I understand BlackBerry devices are hardware encrypted, with all the chips uniquely encrypted to the individual phone for security. Blackberry is the only manufacturer who makes phones like this.
    07-21-16 11:38 PM

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