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    I want total steps to follow and set for same.
    06-29-15 06:53 AM
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    I want total steps to follow and set for same.
    This is the only Config I could find for "rediffmail"

    Blackberry phones IMAP configuration

    On the Home screen, select E-mail Settings.
    If you're asked to log in:
    Enter your Blackberry user name.
    Enter your Blackberry password.
    Select Log In.
    In the next screen, select Add Email account.
    In the next screen, select Other
    In the next screen:
    Enter your e-mail address.
    IMPORTANT! Enter an wrong password at this point. You'll be asked for the correct one later.
    WHY? Entering your correct password now would configure your e-mail account in the POP e-mail protocol. Instead, this step forces your BlackBerry to use the correct IMAP protocol.
    Select Next.
    Your device will spend a few moments trying to connect to server and authenticate you. Since you have entered wrong password, your device will present you unable to configure screen.
    In the unable to configure screen:
    Select I will provide the settings to configure this email account.
    Scroll down to select Next.
    In the second unable to configure screen:
    Select Internet Service Provider Email (POP/IMAP).
    Enter your e-mail address.
    Enter your Account name.
    Enter your password.
    Scroll down to enter into the Email Server field, imap.rediffmailpro.com
    Select Next
    Select new account you just added and select edit
    In next screen, select advanced option
    Make sure that server name is mentioned as imap.rediffmailpro.com
    Uncheck SSL option. This will change the port number to 143
    Select Ok
    Your setup is complete and you are ready to access mails on your phone.

    Not sure if this is the correct process, but if not then you can contact them just as easy as anyone else can copy and paste.

    Formatting blows bull balls on these forums.
    06-29-15 07:12 AM

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