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    Got a weird problem with my Blackberry Classic, about 80% of the time when I plug my headphones into my blackberry it thinks that they are a headset. I realized this after I started getting a "media cannot play due to unexpected error" type message whenever headphones were plugged in. When I went to the Audio menu, where you can select Speaker, handset, or headphone/headset. The audio played fine on speaker and headset and I noticed that when I unplugged/plugged in the headphones that they appeared differently (as headset most of the time, but rarely as headphones). The audio would only play when they headphones were correctly identified as headphones.

    Is this a hardware issue or some kind of software bug? My guess is that something is being shorted when the head set are inserted but thatch all it is, a guess. Any thoughts?

    The device always correctly identifies (and works) when it is connected to line in, and always works with headsets, it is only when a set of plain headphones (no in line mic) that I get this error/issue. I've tried several sets of headphones, some work better than others, but all produced this issue/error.
    07-31-15 08:54 AM

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