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    I have a BlackBerry Classic, Model No. SQC100-2, Software Release Bluetooth used to work. It paired fine with may car. Now it doesn't. I got to Settings, Network and Connections, and it shows Bluetooth as off. I click on Bluetooth, and turn it on. When exit back to Netorks and Connections, it shows Bluetooth as off. It always shows off after I turn it on, and now it won't connect to my car. Any other places where I can turn it on? (I saw another answer was "remove & reinsert the battery," but unfortunately that is not an option for the BlackBerry Classic...a definite drawback to this product.)
    07-07-15 11:42 AM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    Have you added any new apps or updated the OS? Have you tried rebooting or restarting the phone?

    Try a restart:

    Press and HOLD both Vol Up/Down buttons. Keep holding while the screen goes fully black (ignore the screenshot), keep holding through the Black/White logo and when the Colored Logo shows up, release those buttons.

    If you have a Z10: If you have the STL100-1 variant the volume button reset method doesn't work. In that case, Press and HOLD the Power On Button until you see the LOGO as above
    07-08-15 09:53 AM

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