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    I live in the U.K and my first Blackberry was a KEYone, soon found CrackBerry and the community of all things blackberry, it reminded me of the old days when like when Apple products were considered niche.

    Within the forums I could see a consensus that the passport and BB10 is the superior OS but unfortunately as time went on BB users left, I am fortunate enough to have to carry around 2 phones, one for personal the other for work

    I purchased a Passport for work, to carry out simple tasks, Email, Flashlight, Calls and camera, I figured this would work for some time yet and would give me the opportunity to experience the OS and to see in 2018 if I could actually use the phone as a daily driver.

    So far I have been able to sideload Googleplay (not all apps work, not compatible with this device) and found a few workarounds

    it's a challenge for sure and having some fun along the way

    does anyone have any hints or tips regarding BB10 or Passport?
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    06-13-18 12:02 PM
  2. danfrancisco's Avatar

    I purchased a Passport for work, to carry out simple tasks, Email, Flashlight, Calls and camera
    I think this is pretty much the perfect use case for the Passport if that's all you expect out of a device.

    I often times wish my mobile needs could go back to a simpler time so that BB10 could still fulfill my needs. But as soon as I was introduced to Google Photos, that changed everything for me.

    Enjoy your Passport. I hope it gives you the same amount of joy that it gave me back when it was my daily driver.
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    06-13-18 12:12 PM
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    Btw you posted this in the classic forum
    06-13-18 12:23 PM
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    I realised the mistake, have moved the thread,

    Thanks Joewoo
    06-17-18 10:56 AM

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