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    This is my personal acknowledgment to Blackberry.

    Everybody knows that the world most popular mobile Os, are Android and iOS running in high specs handsets ( great for multimedia, games and social networking but waste a lot of time and battery with a very questionable security ).
    BB is other thing: a powerful tool to get things done in a more secure, quick, effective and accurate way. Besides that it has too other nice capabilities for personal consume, certainly is the best available mobile OS ( although no perfect yet, lol ). This is why:

    - Security: one of the biggest known features. No one can argue this. In the corporate world is appreciated products like: BBM, BLEND, MAIL SYSTEM....etc but not only that, but also in the growing apps world, it gives you the capability to manage permissions regarding to personal information, unlike the others where is "give all permissions or not app at all". Sadly, too many people simply don't care about security and personal info risks, they're just happy with great cameras, playing and social networking all day.

    - Best communication platform: . It's simple highly reliable and effective. High quality in phone calls and the best keyboard ( besides Toolbelt ) for accurate and quick messages; and now with BLEND you can even be more effective, quick and efficient at work. Even nice details like the LED helps you a lot to notice quickly notifications.

    - OS 10: it's simply well designed for addressing in the best way, frequent today's needs; for sure it can improve more, but certainly its organization through the HUB, nice flows, natural gestures, frequent task shortcuts..etc makes a pleasure to deal with it.

    - Battery performance: until there are not real long life batteries, BB manage better than any other Os battery life.

    - A solid device: when you hold a BB ( in my case a CLASSIC ) you know that you have a resistant and well built phone. For sure I'm not afraid too much of accidental dropping as any other more delicate devices.

    Blackberry is making a huge effort to address its past flaws: Apps ecosystem availability, low specs hardware among others.
    BB OS10 is not perfect, I know there's annoying limits in gestures when phone calls, maps could be better...BUT certainly, after assessing Pros/Cons you realize that this OS and last devices are the best for its goal: a powerful tool for doing things, in order to have the most possible time for what matter the most for you, like family, enjoying real life..etc

    Note: I've been in iOS, and short but good enough time with Android to know what I talk about. They're good systems with its Pros/Cons, so everybody must choose according to needs and activity; for sure I'll stick to BB for a while.
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    I held and played around a little bit with Classic today for the first time. I liked the device in general. The OS is however another story. Sometimes you just don't want alternatives to apps. Sometimes you just want the app makers to support a platform in the true sense. Native apps. I do genuinely hope BB does well. It has great potential.

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