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    my Classic is connected via USB.
    i'm trying to sync to the media card with WMP, but it's not seeing an available device.

    it shows up as F:\ in My Computer.

    i used to have this problem with my Curve.
    BB Desktop had to be running/connected for the card to show up in WMP was the solution.

    ok. i'll make sure it's connected with Link. great idea......

    alas, Link just gives me this: https://app.box.com/s/yeguibpqej5f56bfszjx5phv1ajab2no

    what gives?
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    05-01-16 01:21 PM
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    If you're attempting to access only the SD card from your computer, then disconnect the phone and go to settings -> storage and access -> accessing using USB -> and then check 'USB mass storage mode' to on.

    Now plug in your phone and the SD card will register the same as any USB thumb drive.

    That's the fastest way that i've found to throw files on and off the card.
    Good luck

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    05-01-16 01:28 PM
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    yup. it's - that's why Windows sees it.

    i somewhat solved it.

    1. changed the "Portable Device Enumerator" service on, then restarted with it plugged in.

    just don't know which one was the cause of it working....
    05-01-16 03:11 PM

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