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    My Win 7 machine is complaining that it needs the BB device manager to see my new Classic. (it sees my Q10 just fine) I can find no link to and updated version of the device manager and I can see the device manager it says is missing in my tool bar.
    And frighteningly the web site says BB is no longer supporting or updating desktop software. I could see that if they were getting out of the hardware game. but that feels like they are abandoning us. What am I missing?
    05-11-16 08:20 PM
  2. conite's Avatar
    BB10 devices don't use BlackBerry Desktop. They use BlackBerry Link. Get the latest Link, which is part of the Blend package at www.blackberry.com/blend
    05-11-16 08:23 PM
  3. blackshark's Avatar
    Right, but link is still complaining that it needs the devicemanager to see the phone I just plugged in. (and I do have the latest link)
    05-11-16 09:30 PM
  4. undefinederror's Avatar
    Plug your phone in, then open your computers device manager( type devmgmt.msc into the RUN prompt).
    Click on View, and check Show hidden devices.
    Expand the BlackBerry section and then right click and uninstall the drivers for your BlackBerry.
    If there is nothing in this section, then the phone may be under Unknown Devices.

    After you have uninstalled these, open your explorer and navigate to where you saved your BlackBerryDesktopSoftware_1.2.0.52_B59.exe (typically in your downloads folder) and then double click the executable file. Now re-install your drivers.

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    05-11-16 10:05 PM
  5. brookie229's Avatar
    Remove EVERYTHING Blackberry related from your PC. Make sure nothing remains. Then plug your Classic into your PC. You should get a popup on your Classic asking to install drivers etc to your PC. Do this. This should fix your situation. Then after Blackberry Link and Blend is installed on your PC you can add your Q10 as well. You can also log both your devices into BB using the same ID.
    05-11-16 10:07 PM
  6. blackshark's Avatar
    yes it did install new drivers on the third or fourth time I plugged the classic into the PC with the USB cable. And I did see it pop up in the Link software when the wifi was turned on. But I wanted see if I could use it with the cable so I unchecked the "turn on wifi button" and now of course to undo that I need it to connect via USB which it refuses to do. I've tried forcing a reinstall of the drivers, I've tried turning on the wifi on the phone manually and then connecting. It still wont' show up in the list in Link.
    I can however use the connect to devices to see all the folders I have shared on my computer so the connection is valid and that at least is working as advertised.
    05-11-16 10:12 PM
  7. blackshark's Avatar
    Sorry for the sort of double topic post - I thought these were two separate issues.
    Well it sort of fixed it and yes those instructions are what I would normally do. It did take a few attempts though. I can now see the device in the Link and Blend software but only if I have wifi on. So while it says connect with USB cable, unless that wifi is on inside the device, no connection in link or blend appears - that says to me that the data is not traveling through the cable.
    The difference now is that instead of the device showing up in the blackberry folder of the device manager of windows (as it did before deinstall of drivers) it now shows up in "other devices". That says to me that the driver is not installed correctly. Updating the driver from the device manager does not find the driver. I have run the BB device manager exe and it is the rev listed by user undefinedthread. But it doesn't seem to do the trick as it says all the software elements are up to date and the install button is unclickable.
    In the end I can deal with wifi only connection for a while. But when I'm not on my local network it becomes a problem and I'd love to use the USB cable.
    Just as a check, I hooked the Q10 to the computer and it hooks up fine with the USB cable. What's different about the Classic?
    05-11-16 11:04 PM

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