1. luis orfilio revuelta mesana's Avatar
    When i go from the main screen to the phone app, a lot of times the cursor operated with the track button does not react and have to use the touch screen with my other hand,, by now whoever has read my posts i do not like to use the touch screen.

    Also i have to activate the cursor with the touch screen, wether in the hub or call/phone file, to make the cursor go down to the options of:
    "contacts" ,
    the 3 horizontal lines on the left,
    the 3 dots on the right ( whoever knows the proper names for these please help), , ,
    any ideas on how to correct both glitches.
    I do not want to use my finger on the screen, and want to be able to use the cursor with the track button go down to operate these functions.
    10-18-15 05:34 PM
  2. krugbot's Avatar
    I think it's just a bug they never got around to fixing. Sometimes the only way to get the trackpad to scroll is to do it manually first.

    Happens on webpages too. I have to click the space bar to get the webpage to scroll and then suddenly the cursor appears. There's no rhyme or reason to it.

    Posted via CB10
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    10-18-15 08:59 PM
  3. Upright-Underground's Avatar
    I did not know that track pad did not work in phone app. I can see the frustration.

     Classic
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    10-18-15 09:03 PM
  4. luisorm5152's Avatar
    These issues are the ones that i find offensive to the dwindling community of BB consumers and continue to expose the lack of sensitivity of the management in Waterloo.
    Thanks for the help.
    10-18-15 09:24 PM
  5. luisorm5152's Avatar
    Thanks let me know if you can figure it out, is just dumb programming...
    10-18-15 09:27 PM
  6. tnc's Avatar
    Just tried my TP in phone app. Works fine.
    Not to be a jerk but is your phone up-to-date?

    Posted via CB10
    10-20-15 06:53 AM

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