12-26-15 05:36 AM
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  1. Mohammad Alusef's Avatar
    the Viber in BB classic worked good in the first time but when you closed the app and open it once again it's disconnected, and never connected, i tried all the versions from google store and snap is the same problem only the version 2.3.5 works ok but it's old one.
    03-04-15 09:32 AM
  2. djpaan's Avatar
    actually even the 2.3.5 version keeps crashing from time to time form me on classic with 10.3.1 sw. Even muted my email notificatiosn for some reason during the install process.
    04-03-15 08:19 AM
  3. Elrohir59's Avatar

    If you still want to install Viber on your Classic, you can try the steps posted in this Youtube video: . FULL DISCLOSURE: The video does NOT tell you how to install Viber on your Classic. It tells you how to install Google Playstore on your Classic. After you install Google Playstore, you can then search the Playstore for Viber and install it. Also, I used these steps and I was able to install Viber v5.3.0 on my Classic, and it works fine with no problems. I've been using Viber on my Classic to communicate with all my Viber contacts. You MAY need to re-add some of them, though. And you will need to have beforehand a Google ID and password.

    1. The steps can be broken down into:
    a) download some files to your Classic
    b) install the files on your Classic one after the other
    c) log in to the Google Playstore using your Google ID
    d) search for the Viber app
    e) install Viber

    2. You can go to the site where the files are hosted using your Classic's browser (with the intention of downloading them directly to your phone). However, I did not do this because the site has advertisements, and I could not find a way to close them and go to the direct download links. That's on me; you may have more success in this than me. Instead, I downloaded the files to my PC, then I copied them over to my Classic via USB.

    3. There's a step in the video where the poster demonstrates how to get a "Google app-specific password." I did not need to do this to move forward in the process, and I think it is because, unlike the poster, I do not have Google 2-factor authentication enabled. Like the poster, I DID get to the part where Google Playstore did not seem to make a connection (the Retry screen) but I just logged in to the Playstore using my old Google ID and that worked.

    4. Now that I have the Google Playstore installed on my Classic, I was able to download and install other apps, like Google Goggles, LINE, Dolphin (another browser), Firefox, Wifi Analytics and Weather Underground. There were also other apps that I was able to install but did not work, so I just uninstalled them.

    5. About 2 days after I installed Google Playstore and some of the apps in it, I got a notification that OS v10.3.1.2576 was available for my phone. I went ahead and upgraded to this OS version. After the OS upgrade all my apps, including the ones I installed from the Google Playstore, still worked as before.

    I hope this works for you.

    04-10-15 06:24 PM
  4. ladjack's Avatar
    Hi Guys,

    I've just bought BB Classic, updated to the latest firmware which is Then I installed Google Play Market per video instructions mentioned by Elrohir59 - all went perfectly fine. Then I installed Viber ver. through Play Market. When I tap on Viber icon it doesn't start, it initiate the start animation and then just drops to the Home screen.

    Any ideas how to solve this issue?

    12-26-15 05:36 AM
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