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    I have a new Classic I just bought. I upgraded from a Q10 and used BlackBerry Link software to move everything between devices.

    I have so far just one contact (there are probably more) who the text messages aren't even showing up. If I do a search of the HUB I can find it, but there is no notification and it never appears in the HUB until I search for it.

    I have rebooted, using the double volume keys, and turned everything on and off, none of that has worked. I also went into the contact and assigned a specific notification but that hasn't done anything either.

    Most of the other posts I was finding with this issue were related to the Z30 or Q10 and I'm pretty sure my OS is up to date as I ran an update when I got the phone 2 days ago. I am getting all e-mail and texts from plenty of other contacts, this is just kind of goofy. Please direct me to an answer. Thanks.
    12-17-15 02:35 PM

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