07-28-15 12:56 PM
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  1. BBgeeqed04's Avatar
    Nnott III! Seriously, not me.

    The Classic
    05-25-15 05:32 PM
  2. NikoB82's Avatar
    I do not have DT issues.

    Posted via CB10
    05-25-15 05:36 PM
  3. Xenolock's Avatar
    It only double types when I have a weak grip or a tremor in my thumb (from being distracted or over-caffinated, for example). So not really. Every single instance I'll admit some user error. It is a very sensitive keyboard, but I like that.

    From a Classic
    05-25-15 06:45 PM
  4. wally's Avatar
    I have two and no issues

    Posted via CB10
    05-25-15 09:11 PM
  5. Upright-Underground's Avatar
    No DT on AT&T. Very happy with device.

     Classic
    05-25-15 09:33 PM
  6. kuje75's Avatar
    double typing on my Classic after a few months. not sure if it is hardware or software problem. currently on the latest beta os. I guess I'll wait for the official update and see how it goes.

    I had to admit that it is kind of frustating with the dt but we are dealing with man made device here. I got friends newly purchased samsung devices and even iphone and they do complaint about problems with their devices too. that's what warranty all about.

    05-25-15 09:43 PM
  7. johnnydoesai's Avatar
    No issues here, on a Verizon classic. The question I have for those that are experiencing double typing why don't you immediate get it repaired by warranty before the one year is up from the purchase date?
    The ansrs are as follows:

    1. Sending a phone back and wait for it to repair is probably one of the worst distractions of life. Not many of us wold like to go through the process

    2. There are probably a.bunch of personal stuff on your phone. Sending the phone to a technician means youre sending private stuff to strangers

    (i understand you can back up restore etc...but seriously, who really enjoys these added fuss?)

    Posted via the CrackBerry App for Android
    05-25-15 10:04 PM
  8. ioan_calin's Avatar
    No issues on my Classic, have had mine for four months now, best phone I ever had.
    05-25-15 10:39 PM
  9. idssteve's Avatar
    25 Verizon Classics in my office. Approaching about two months. Minimum apps. Hard usage. Much text, email, spreadsheet editing and dialing for voice. No DT yet. Holding our breath.
    05-25-15 11:35 PM
  10. slagman5's Avatar
    Mine is ok so far. But it's still pretty new.

    Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10
    05-26-15 12:31 AM
  11. brushaway's Avatar
    Never had a problem, not with the q10, passport or my classic

    Posted via CB10
    05-26-15 01:39 AM
  12. aussienick's Avatar
    Me..no double typing issues on my Passport, black Classic or white Classic..

    Posted via CB10
    05-26-15 03:16 AM
  13. fridaybeatsmondayanygivensunday's Avatar
    Had a Q10. Now the Classic and PAssport. No typing issues ever.

    Posted via CB10
    05-26-15 05:30 AM
  14. drinkmorejava's Avatar
    No DT on a verizon phone. I've had it about 2 months.
    05-26-15 07:24 AM
  15. Baconwich's Avatar
    Got mine at Canadian launch day and it's still working perfectly.
    05-26-15 07:59 AM
  16. mh1983's Avatar
    I refuse to get one.

    First problem, glue and tape. Cheap build.

    Second problem, the iconic kb (why we want a BlackBerry to begin with) is starting to show the same problems as the Q re: double type and hyper sensitive keys.

    I had a Q, loved it until DT started.

    BlackBerry crapped the bed with this...
    At least specify the Q10 as the culprit. The Q5 never had the DT issue.
    05-26-15 08:49 AM
  17. Sadsfan's Avatar
    I had mine for about 2/3 months and the letter 'E' and spacebar were the worst. I sent if for repair through Carphone Warehouse in the UK and they sent it to BlackBerry to be repaired and it came back with exactly the same fault, very frustrating! I kicked up a fuss and got a replacement and a week into it so far with no problems. There seem to be many reasons but im not sure it is software based as I'm on the 10.3.2 beta and it still happened.
    05-26-15 08:57 AM
  18. BlckBrry46's Avatar
    No issues here... sorry...

     Instant Classic!
    05-26-15 09:07 AM
  19. mfreedmn97's Avatar
    I didnt , but now do have DT issue. Seems a common problem. Annoying. Getting worse. I contacted BB T/S and their suggestion was to run BVE. To what end ?? Anyway to be continnued. Er, continued.

    Update: contacted BlackBerry tech support. They responded quickly - only to tell me the next step in troubleshooting the problem was to reload the O/S. Hunh ?? This is a firmware issue. I don't think so !
    Last edited by mfreedmn97; 05-26-15 at 09:43 PM.
    05-26-15 10:24 AM
  20. JimMLINY's Avatar
    NOT dealt with DT issues on my VZW former Q10 or current Classic. No less than 60 emails and texts a day.
    05-26-15 11:44 AM
  21. klooptheloop's Avatar
    Had mine for 3 months now, I bought a QWERTZ online from Germany. No issues whatsoever. So I don't know whether it's down to that or not.

    Posted via CB10 for the  Classic
    05-26-15 11:51 AM
  22. Mausje75's Avatar
    Had mine for 3 months now, I bought a QWERTZ online from Germany. No issues whatsoever. So I don't know whether it's down to that or not.

    Posted via CB10 for the  Classic
    I don't think so...

    Posted via my awesome Classic
    05-26-15 03:49 PM
  23. eliirodz's Avatar
    Define double typing... please....

    If you mean the errant periods that insert themselves, periodically and I have to type something again.

    Then YES.

    If double of a letter are typed, then NO.

    Posted via CB10
    05-26-15 04:09 PM
  24. sid89's Avatar
    Then you have Parkinson.... :P

    Posted via my awesome Classic
    Hahahaha lol!

    Posted via CB10
    05-26-15 04:53 PM
  25. madman0141's Avatar
    Mine is great and no DT issue. Could the DT be a user only issue?
    05-26-15 05:11 PM
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