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    I'm just curious if it's my area (South Texas), or is everyone else having trouble going through a retail store. When I began my search, I was lured by the DirecTV and AT&T merger. They were offering close to $500 to switch to AT&T. So I headed to my nearest AT&T store in a swanky part of town. Upon entering, I was greeted by a salesperson who asked me what he could help me with. I already knew that some stores had limited availability, but he gave me a perplexed look and said, "Blackberry, Passport? What's that?" The salesperson next to him said that they didn't carry them because they didn't sell well. That they weren't good? I told them that the next time a customer asked for product it would be best to just answer the question as politely as possible so as not to sever any future ties. I've been in professional sales for over 10 years and if I had to grade these two imbeciles they would get an F. My next choice was Verizon, partly because of my job. The sales people were a lot more helpful, but they too didn't have hardly any in stock. They didn't bash the product. They went ahead and ordered me a Classic which will arrive on Monday. Can't wait. I know that through some reading here that this is commonplace, so don't bash I'm a noob.
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    08-29-15 02:21 AM
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    I do all my purchases direct from shopblackberry... My local carriers are dumb but Bell costs the most but has the most bbry knowledgeable staff in the area. Rogers and Telus are just dumb in general. And Wind was pretty excited to see my passports and LE's when I stopped by to get a Sims.

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    08-29-15 02:32 AM
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    Got mine from the verizon store by my house. They had two. The sales guy had never touched a BlackBerry before he held mine. Last time I went in to pay my bill they had taken the Classic off the display. No BlackBerry anything to be found anywhere in the store.

    Side note, I went to best buy the other day and they had 6 isles just for Apple crap. Not a single BlackBerry to be found in there either.

    08-29-15 04:45 AM
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    Sounds like the Verizon stores in my area as well. Why have a display of a phone you don't have in stock? At least they didn't try to sway me to buy a Droid, iPhone, Samsung or other device. They were actually pretty cool compared to the AT&T guys. I would like to purchase my Blackberry's from amazon.com or shopblackberry.com as KermEd posted but I got a $200 credit for my old phone and just had to pay $16 for taxes. Monday/Tuesday can't come soon enough. While there today I just kept playing with the Classic to get myself reacquainted with Blackberry and their awesome BB10.
    08-30-15 12:46 AM
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    Same here in Tennessee. Makes me want to puke. Apple crap everywhere.

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    08-30-15 07:04 PM
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    I learned the hard way to just simply order through Shopblackberry, Crackberry, or Amazon. Don't waste your time dealing with retail stores.
    First of all, the salespeople are as dumb as a post. They have no clue how to help someone with a product that is best for the customer.
    Second, the salespeople are receiving spiffs from the manufacturer, so they need to sell so many of a certain brand to get bonuses and prizes. They don't care about you.
    Third, all they know is how to sell what they personally like.
    Just keep your blood pressure low, and order online.
    08-30-15 07:10 PM

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