10-22-15 11:10 AM
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    BlackBerry's decisions on regional releases for certain models or certain colors are perfectly rational. Sometimes it's frustrating for customers, but on a corporate level it makes perfect sense. North American sales for BlackBerry are insignificant. Face it - we're officially "fringe" as BlackBerry users.

    Nokia did similar things back in the day with the (at the time) revolutionary N95. Multiple colors for Euro-versions, frequent firmware updates, etc. And for us NAM version users - nuthin'. We howled at the injustice, but Nokia's sales were mostly in Europe and Asia. All's Nokia did was follow the numbers. Sucked for us, but that's just how corporations work. I went so far as to become a "Symbian Ambassador" and joined the online team for Nokia. A bunch of us got together and pitched a comprehensive marketing strategy for the North American Market (NAM) but Nokia said, "No thanks. We have other priorities." We didn't need any resources from Nokia - it was all set up to run via volunteers and fanboys. At the time Nokia had two flagship stores in the U.S. Less than a year later Nokia had closed them both down and further retreated from the already ignored North American market.

    BlackBerry has re-focused on markets where they still have (relative) strength. This is not a whim by BlackBerry. It's SURVIVAL. We don't have to like it as North American consumers, but we should at least understand it.
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    06-09-15 10:50 AM
  2. ginmit's Avatar
    OP's post seemed like he got so furious over this.
    Breathe. I get picky about colors as well.
    At least you guys in North America get decent service.
    Here in India we pay for only unlocked devices and get no service at all. Let alone color choices.

    My carrier (ironically Vodafone) didn't even know what a BlackBerry Passport and Classic was.
    To quote -
    Me - 'I'm using a BlackBerry Passport'.
    Voda - 'Sir what OS does it run'
    Me- 'BlackBerry 10'
    Voda- 'Sir it is A ANDROID OR IPHONE'
    Me - 'It's a blackberry'
    Voda - 'Sir I means what operating system Saarrr '
    Me- 'IT'S A ******* BLACKBERRY '
    Then I went on to say that I have an S6 Edge which runs on Android (FML).

    Anyway, I hope you find one and get back on track with BlackBerry.


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    06-16-15 10:34 AM
  3. BB Adict's Avatar
    North America doesn't care about BlackBerry, most of BlackBerry sales are in other countries. Mr Chen decision was wise. I'll do the same if I was ceo

    Blackberry Porsche Design P'9983 Pin:2AA927E6
    My point exactly.

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    06-17-15 01:01 AM
  4. mmk1954's Avatar
    I gave up on the white classic and have cobalt blue classic.

    Sooooooo glad! This phone is gorgeous!

    Using my Cobalt Blue BlackBerry Classic :-)
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    07-09-15 09:47 PM
  5. anon(2325196)'s Avatar
    I just got a black one. I don't care for other colors for my BlackBerry devices. It's not that big of a deal. The black one is cooler anyway.

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    07-10-15 05:08 AM
  6. CivilDissident's Avatar
    I just got a black one. I don't care for other colors for my BlackBerry devices. It's not that big of a deal. The black one is cooler anyway.

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    I agree... I bought the Blue to check out in person, but I like my Black Classic far better... Just a color preference... White phones are unappealing to me... That iPhone look makes me cringe...Blue is snazzy, but not for everyone reminds me of my 7230, but ultimately I prefer to be Classically black...

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    07-10-15 08:00 AM
  7. anon8237442's Avatar
    I can't stop crying. insert heavy sarcasm

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    07-11-15 10:37 AM
  8. whocaresnow's Avatar
    I seriously have been writing to Blackberry for years about how they needed to update (software) the 9930 bold, what a misstep that last round was! All I wanted was a white bold that had an actual Map program. It is the perfect phone for writing. I felt more comfortable on that phone than my macbook! I have been trying for years and finally got the bold in white and couldn't use it as soon as the SIM networks changed! I've had the 9930 since it came out, as soon at I heard about the Classic I celebrated, FOR NOT REASON! Yes, "they listened!' the cursor is back! You can select with ease again, copy, paste yeah yeah. Sure, it's better, only because it works with current platforms, barely. But the platform itself is not a strong as the 9930 (I could list every flaw) BUT more than that, because tech must progress the real question to all of these missteps is WHY THE **** WON'T YOU LET US HAVE THE WHITE CLASSIC??? Not in the US? Certainly not for Verizon. You know they laughed at me when I begged for the classic. They had one, just one in the store, with no plans to get others. That's it. You know why, because your don't take your customers seriously, so no one takes you seriously, and it cycles back round to us. Are you truly worried about sales? It truly seems the opposite, as if you're trying to tank this company. WHY? I have had a Blackberry since 2002. I have sworn over the functionality of the blackberry and debated iphone user for years, I've gotten made fun of in large crowds, at Verizon stores and in bars because I am a Blackberry user, and still I was proud, until now. Now it feels like a personal offense. YOU DESERVE YOUR SALES TO DROP, you deserve blackberry to go under, if for no other reason than NOT LISTENING TO YOUR LOYAL CUSTOMERS. If you fail it's our loss and YOUR FAULT. FIX THIS. Stop being idiots and hire someone with a brain and PR skills whose top concern is the functionality of your product rather than poorly imitating your competitors and focus on giving your loyal fans what they all have been begging for. Now I think you may be the most asinine company in the business, if you haven't realized that We are your market, thus we are YOUR SALARIES, and I'm ready to not give another cent just to get you back, for not giving a damn about the me/we, the people who keep you clothed and depend on your product. SO, give us the white classic and, while your working so hard to make that happen, make the word processing as smart and intuitive as the Bold. Also the format of not swiping everything, was better. Stop making the people pointlessly swipe, there is a time and a place. Blackberry 9930 was it. As far as that needed to go. You could have and should have recreated a faster, bigger, sleeker version of the bold, your top rated phone. Thats what the people wanted when they wanted the Classic, not an iphone in a different box with less workable, less inspiring applications. Its about design, ease and functionality. I loved my bold as a tool, a necessity, not some toy or distraction. MIO DIO if you don't know your target market by now OR how to reach new demographics in the market, which clearly you don't cause you could have swept at least every member of this forum, and everyone like me who checked in and never cared enough to write, you could have had them all. I tired of giving you free advice. FOLD OR DO BETTER.
    10-15-15 12:01 AM
  9. whocaresnow's Avatar
    Then you'd be a bad business man just like him. Where is this market research? Market and demographic studies that prove it would harm his company to send a couple thousand phones each making a profit per unit? If you don't listen to demand, you don't supply demand and demand goes elsewhere. This is how CEO's fall. How kings fall. All rulers fall by not listening to their people. I'm in north america right now and I don't appreciate anyone speaking for me. It's not I sitting here in north america that doesn't care about BlackBerry, it's the only phone I love and remain loyal to, it's BlackBerry that doesn't care about me, and all the other people sitting here, in North America, caring like dumb scorned lovers. Your smart CEO is the ***** who had the shot of a lifetime to reinvent himself and win his love, his base, and chose not to. Cause why, "North America doesn't love meeee." Boo ******* hoo. It's called brains and marketing. Down with Chen for not being resourceful on either front, and disrespecting his loyal customers. Down with you both for thinking thats the right way to run a business, and that the whole of North America is one brainwashed iphone junky.
    10-15-15 12:22 AM
  10. will308's Avatar
    BB doesn't care about North America.
    Plain and simple. My carrier hasn't pushed an update in months. They simply don't care. We are hardly a speck on their radar.
    lets face it the usa in general turned its back on blackberry a long time ago and now you start to rant and rave about not getting this and not getting that ...............you got no one blame but yourselves
    10-15-15 01:36 AM
  11. anon(2325196)'s Avatar
    Grab a black one. Who cares about the color? Definitely get a black one.

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    10-17-15 01:54 AM
  12. punbb's Avatar
    They don't care about hansdsets. Not. One. Bit.

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    10-17-15 10:47 AM
  13. Hans im Glueck's Avatar
    Most people in the world live in abject poverty and don't know where their next meal is coming from. It's hard to believe, but from reading your original post, it seems that your utter outrage and righteous indignation over difficulty getting the color of cellphone you want are no joke, but that you are actually serious.

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    10-20-15 05:12 PM
  14. velkod's Avatar
    Most people in the world live in abject poverty and don't know where their next meal is coming from. It's hard to believe, but from reading your original post, it seems that your utter outrage and righteous indignation over difficulty getting the color of cellphone you want are no joke, but that you are actually serious.

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    What a pompous ****** thing to say. As you probably wrote that msg on a phone (or laptop, etc) that some ppl would kill you for and trade for food. *****. Go sell your belongings and move into the forest
    10-20-15 05:35 PM
  15. gloommerchant's Avatar
    I'm using a white classic (UK version) bought from amazon here in the U.S. Using on at&t, been working fine since day one.

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    10-22-15 11:10 AM
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