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    I have lost the charger that came with my Classic. I have been using my Q10 charger to charge my phone but it takes much longer to charge my phone now. I have been scouring the net but am unable to find the original (high speed) charger any place. Can anyone suggest where I can find the original Classic charger in India or an international site which would ship to India. Many thanks.

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    02-22-16 12:03 AM
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    The Classic Sync Pod
    Designed for optimal viewing
    Interchangeable nest contoured to fit your BlackBerry smartphone

    The BlackBerry Classic Sync Pod delivers multi-purpose functionality including a charging unit, plus the ability to easily transfer data between your BlackBerry Classic and PC. Stay productive thanks to the convenient upright display. Ideal for the home, office or travel.

    I took this from Bl;ackberry.com ShopBlackBerry Online Store - Classic Sync Pod
    You can probably find it on Amazon.com and eBay.

    Talk to your Carrier ,too.
    I live in Alaska which is suppose to be part of the USA but many businesses won't ship up here because of their insurance costs.
    If I want something bad enough, I'll ask a friend down in the mainland if he'll except a package and mail it to me.

    Also, see if any businesses in China have what your looking for. They get it to you even if you live under a bridge.
    Amazon deals with a lot of businesses in China.

    And , if things go good for you and you get a new charger.... DON'T LOOSE IT!!!
    02-22-16 04:32 AM
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    02-27-16 05:10 PM

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