05-30-15 07:12 AM
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    I disagree that it's a secondary device, my classic can pretty much do everything that my android could, sure it's not the best for watching movies with the square screen... but you can!

    With the side loaded android apps it can do pretty much anything my android could and for me has been a better replacement! - I am more than happy with the classic as my primary device.

    The only thing that I do miss is the facebook messenger app, I've side loaded an android apk which works fine aside from one minor disappointment. The ability to make calls over facebook. But this is easily overcome using skype.

    All in all I love it and would recommend this over a droid. Thanks BlackBerry!

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    05-30-15 06:20 AM
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    The best features for me is going through the hub and using "ALT" and the track pad to select multiple emails to mark as read. Also the copy and paste function is something no phone can match.

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    Also a very hand feature. Definitely reminds me of OS7 on my Bold.

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    05-30-15 07:12 AM
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