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    I have a Z30, and my wife a Z10. She's frustrated though by the virtual keyboard. I bought the Z10 off contract at $149 (maybe even 99, can't remember) from Future Shop. She's only had it a year, but at that price I don't mind surprising her with Classic if I can find for a good deal.

    Lately the Z30 has had quite a few sales for $199 or $249. How long until you think the Classic will reach this level? Maybe another 6 months or 12? I'm a Telus user. Their site is pushing the Passport, Classic, and Leap right now. So as long as it's in the main line up, I don't expect any sales.

    Maybe Crackberry Black Friday sales? Lol Rather not wait that long...

    Reason for off contract is for the freedom, and the monthly savings. Thanks!

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    06-09-15 10:12 PM
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    Ebay or a similar site is the best place for low cost deals. Even right here on CB.

    BlackBerryaholic by choice.
    06-09-15 10:27 PM
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    Got mine on Amazon for 336.

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    06-09-15 10:40 PM
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    Amazon is cheapest now, but amazing deal would be $299 lowest. Anything below that is insane for this device, because I remember paying $500 for my 9900 (the best blackberry to date) when they had iphones for similar price. I never regretted buying any blackberry at any price, but for some reason I cannot justify paying $500 for Passport, but I can easily pay $300 for Classic, why?

    Maybe sentimental value of reminding me of 9900?
    Very much possible, but I just see myself working so much faster with physical keyboard, and NOT because of typing, because of keyboard shortcuts. I could care less about typing on a physical keyboard, I am probably much faster on Z30 by now, and I will most likely miss the swipe gestures, especially backspace or double backswipe, but I think overall it will make me more productive.

    I am also expecting a better hardware in terms of button feel especially rocker buttons compared to Z30.

    Let's see, I waited this long and finally bit the bait, will it be "Damn it, I want my Z30 back" or "Why did I wait this long".. We'll see when it gets here.
    Only annoying part is having to get a new SIM from AT&T and not being able to swap phones easily because of something called Nano SIM!
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    06-09-15 11:45 PM

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