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    HOLY SH*i*!!!! What a nightmare! Today I found my 9780 after looking for it for over two days (lol) and switched from the Classic to the 9780 due to frustrations that BB10 has not fixed yet...

    1. The multiple pressing of the end key to hang up. (Horrible)
    2. Spell check before sending out an email. (I know BB10 spell checks as you type away but that extra security of "spell check' before you send an email is always great!!!
    3. Track pad functionality still needs a lot of work IMO
    4. CASES!!!!
    5. In putting calendar events with ease.
    6. Holding "Q" key and actually having the phone vibrate instead of just going into silent mode only.

    These are just some of the few things I can think of. But after cranking out the 9780 WOW what a tiny device!!! Keyboard feels uncomfortable to type on! SUPER crammed!! Screen size I can deal with. Form factor is excellent! (Always loved the 9780) Once I started receiving emails and attempted to answer them, I already started missing the Classic keyboard. Lots of LAG!! LIKE CRAZY LAG!!

    So to make a long story short I didn't even last 20 minutes. I guess I will just have to be more patient and wait till BlackBerry does an upgrade to fix the issues many people on the forums are talking about.

    Has anyone ever attempted going back to a legacy device after using the Classic?
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    02-26-15 10:14 PM
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    Ha ha this is so true, and it doesn't have to be from a classic.
    02-26-15 10:17 PM
  3. O_T16's Avatar
    Yes that's also true. Wow what a wake up!!

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    02-26-15 10:23 PM

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