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    Here are some of my fave wallpapers. I made them a long time ago for my 9780-

    Wallpaper love-img_20150309_221741.png
    Wallpaper love-img_20150309_221729.png
    Wallpaper love-img_20150309_221714.png
    Wallpaper love-img_20150309_221648.png
    Wallpaper love-img_20150309_221106.png
    Wallpaper love-img_20150309_221444.png

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    03-13-15 10:46 PM
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    Also a good place to find square wallpapers in HD quality, is to look for iPad wallpapers. Those wallpapers come in squares (because iPad default size is square).

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    03-14-15 01:26 AM
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    Have a look at http://papers.co

     Classic
    03-14-15 08:10 AM
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    One more....
    Wallpaper love-img_20150309_220918.png

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    03-14-15 10:40 AM
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    Wallpaper love-img_20150316_214547.png
    Wallpaper love-2-blackberrysteelmesh-1-.png
    Wallpaper love-2-blackberrytotalcarbonfi.png
    Wallpaper love-2-honeycombblackchromepla.png
    Wallpaper love-2-my-blackberry-z10-hd-wallpaper-simple_4.jpg
    Wallpaper love-2-blackberrysteelme2-sh2.png
    Wallpaper love-2-blackberrylovemyplayboo-1-.png
    Wallpaper love-2-blackberrycurcuitdark.png
    Wallpaper love-2-blackberrybackground003.png
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Wallpaper love-2-blackberryblackpattern0.png
    Wallpaper love-2-blackberry3dhexagonfiel.jpg

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    03-16-15 09:52 PM

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