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    First time poster here, tried to search amongst the reviews and the forums but can't seem to find anyone with a similar experience to me...

    Been a user of a q10 since march last year after buying it refurbished to try it out, liked the OS and was a die-hard keyboard user (previous phone: Sony experia pro that ran out of internal memory thanks to the ever increasing size of android APK's) who basically had his hand forced from the uniform - yet ultimately too small for my giganto-thumbs - touchscreen slabs that the rest of the smartphone manufacturers are insistent on churning out by the bucketload these days. The Mike stopped working on the q10 so that is getting sent back. As a result I have bought outright a blackberry classic.

    Before I wax lyrical about anything else, i'll get to the point of my post... essentially this is a gripe about going from OS 10.2-10.3, namely the separate lock screen and homescreen wallpapers that can now be set. This is something that irks me because on the 10.2 q10 I was fond of the "wallpaper changer" app (linky: - BlackBerry World ) and had 100+ purposely sized wallpapers I had on rotation using this, it didn't matter about the home and lock screen being kept separate as the app would change - what is essentially the background of OS 10.2 - at a frequency of my choosing.

    Now cue classic ownership under OS 10.3 and the separation of home screen and lock screen. What seems to have happened (as far as I can tell) is that wallpaper changer changes the wallpaper, but cannot change the lock screen wallpaper, the only thing that seems to be capable of doing that, is choosing a wallpaper from settings. I spent approximately 10 in the blackberry store trying out other apps that claim to change the lock screen too but no dice... the lock screen wallpaper remains the one specified in the settings, and the wallpaper only changes when I get past the lock screen.

    I'm stuck here, I'd love to return to how it was before with the q10 under 10.2... but i'm unsure what can be done to do this? Has blackberry - inadvertently or otherwise - locked this ability down in 10.3? Or is there anything I need to do myself to get these apps to be able to change the lock screen? Or could this be rectified with future versions of the apps in question?

    Outside of this... at the time of writing i'm still setting up and configuring the classic to how I like it at present, I've only just installed the snap client via the chrome extension, so android apps are en route... and i'm loving the extra width the classic gives me. I'm barely putting a foot wrong with the typing!!

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    01-27-15 04:38 PM
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    I use HomeScree Plus in BBW, which has an option to set lock screen wallpaper from within the app....is that what you mean?
    01-27-15 05:51 PM
  3. deedelvis's Avatar
    I use HomeScree Plus in BBW, which has an option to set lock screen wallpaper from within the app....is that what you mean?
    Yes... but I don't want to set just one wallpaper, I want it to cycle through a folder full of wallpapers that I specify. Does homescreen plus do that?

    Posted via CB10
    01-27-15 06:09 PM

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