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    I've had a Bold 9700 for approximately a trillion years, now running 6.0. I love everything about it except the little globe thing they laughingly call a "browser", which is essentially unusable if you want to actually browse the Internet. I have Bluetooth in one car, and use a Plantronics Voyager headset in the other car and elsewhere. I use voice dialing a LOT. Activate Bluetooth doodad, say "Call la casa", and the phone responds with "la casa home one - calling" and makes the danged call.

    I bought a Q10 when they first came out. I used it for three weeks, and went back to the 9700. Other than having to touch and swipe and fiddle and all the other touchscreen-oriented-non-tactile-can't-answer-the-#$%?*#-phone-without-looking-at-it folderol (if I'd wanted a break-it-now yapple or r2d2 phone I'd have bought one), the other thing that drove me back to the 9700 was voice dialing. Activate Bluetooth, say "call la casa", and the danged Q10 entered into a long conversation about was I REALLY sure I wanted to do that, did I want to do it now, it was getting ready to do it, here we go, last chance are you sure, and it would finally make the call. I ended up shrieking at the phone that YES that's the number I wanted, YES I wanted to make the #$%?*# call now. I would have run over the phone with my Suburban if I hadn't been sure my wife would be a bit - um - miffed(?) about my doing so.

    The Classic looks like a winner from most respects. Push and hold 2 (or E, if you prefer to think of it that way), and it dials home. Really-truly don't-have-to-look buttons to make and end calls. Trackpad. BlackBerry button. All the other human-interface stuff I love about the 9700. Add to that a usable browser, more than six available apps, et cetera.

    For those of you who have laid hands on a Classic, do you use voice dialing from a Bluetooth access device? Do you have to have a discussion with the bleeping phone, or does it just dial the bleeping number?

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    01-07-15 11:47 AM
  2. tonybakermaww's Avatar
    I am so used to the excellent hands free blue tooth voice dialing on Bold 9700. This is essential to my business activities, largely on the road. Classic does not even start to compare. I am currently forwarding the Classic to my Bold so that I can use blue tooth and voice commands as before. This is costing me an extra $40 per month for the additional phone contract. Can't go on like this. Anyone experienced a similar problem, or know a good solution?
    01-31-15 02:51 PM
  3. Paul Renard's Avatar
    Everything you said about having to convince the phone that you want to make THAT call is so TRUE. I had a 9360 before getting the Classic. The Voice dial on the 9360 worked fine 98% of the time and when it didn't it was sort of understandable , to noisy or something else... I was ok with that and the FEW times it would give me grief. The Blackberry Classic voice dial is worthless.. I ask it to call someone and the screen will show exactly what I said BUT when it comes up with so many choices to choose from and I have to wait for it to read like 5 or more choices names and phone numbers that are NOT even the first choice that came up on the screen when I first asked for it to dial... Its like 2 programs that don't understand each others findings.
    The only reason I bought this phone was because the camera on my 9360 broke and I need a working camera for work and I wanted to stick with the physical keyboard for typing, so I figured getting the Classic would be good upgrade for me... I was wrong.. I like the phone so far but the voice dialing and it not getting the choices right even though the screen showed the correct contact choice right off, just drives me to the point I want to throw the phone out the window.
    I will use the phone in hopes that some UPDATE will correct this problem. It sure is to bad because other than this problem I am happy with it... so far.
    06-06-15 11:36 AM
  4. VeryBumpy's Avatar
    It certainly is a hold your hand the whole way phone dialing experience.

    A terse mode would be most welcome.
    06-06-15 08:21 PM

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