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    Vodafone UK not to hold BlackBerry Classic...-1.jpgVodafone UK not to hold BlackBerry Classic...-2.jpg
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    11-14-14 06:08 AM
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    Except they will for Business accounts, so misleading title and imo Your tone was rather rude even if You feel it was justified, also I imagine carphone warehouse will have it and you could get it on a contract with vodafone from them for personal, I would imagine so anyway.
    The 'advisor' was incompetent. She stated the Classic would not be made available on Vodafone UK. At that moment I could have just said "Ok, thanks" and leave it at that. She gave improper advice and was incompetent. I was actually rather polite.
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    11-14-14 06:18 AM
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    I like your tone!

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    11-14-14 11:20 AM
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    I'm still locked into a contract for my Z10 until February, and I use a Q10 as a daily driver. I'm not locking myself into another 24 month contract again. The Classic is going to be 349.00 to buy out right, I'm going to just buy it and forget about Vodafone.BlackBerry EU Online Store - BlackBerry Classic
    11-14-14 05:51 PM
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    I'm going to buy it outright at some point also will get it from carphone warehouse

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    11-14-14 06:08 PM
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    Buying these things sim free is basically the sensible option anyway.

    If they don't want to offer it themselves, then that's fine - they just lose out on the contracts.

    Fingers->Q10->CB10->Your Eyes.
    11-15-14 04:13 AM
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    Of subject , I spoke to a member of staff in a local Vodafone shop where I live,

    She told me Microsoft bought out Nokia and Blackberry and Blackberry will be running windows OS , I said I bet you any amount of my Money against any phone in the shop " eyeing up the passport" by she would not have it, saying it was in the business email sent to them? Only thing I could think is she just browsed over it
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    11-16-14 05:55 AM
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    11-16-14 06:39 AM
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    Let's cut the bickering. Discuss the topic, not the poster.[/WARN]
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    11-16-14 06:55 PM
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    Thanks Elessar. It appears that a certain few can't read the conversation between myself and Vodafone and that apparently it is perfectly fine for Vodafone to make incorrect statements without bringing it to their attention.

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    11-17-14 02:35 AM

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