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    I use device connections (via wifi) all the time to transfer files between my Classic and my PC. (i've gotten good at this since the USB thing just doesn't work with Link - but that's a rant for another time)
    I've just transferred two 200mb videos from my Classic to my PC (videos shot with my Classic). I can log out and log back in and see them in the file structure list on the PC through my device connection on my Classic, but the videos just don't show in the folder on the PC. They are a compatible format and i've done this before. I've searched for them on the PC and found others (hence knowing that they are compatible and normally show up) but not these two new ones.
    I've refreshed the folder, I"ve even changed the type of folder it is in case that matters but they just don't show up.
    Any hints?

    Update: I just tried it with some photos and the same result. I'm sure I"ve done this with my Classic before but to be fair it's pretty new. I just tried it with my Q10 and it worked like a charm. I'm getting more and more frustrated with upgrading phones and loosing functionality. What gives?

    Update 2: I was worried that the "image" of the file structure in the folder I was sending to was cached somehow on the phone and didn't reflect reality on the PC. So on the PC I made a new text file and saved it into that directory - sure enough it shows up on the phone (with a back out and then dive in to refresh the folder). So now I know the videos and photos are in that folder on the PC. Why can't I see them on the PC?
    07-15-16 11:30 PM
  2. blackshark's Avatar
    See my previous post and solution to a related problem"Classic not detected when plugged into computer?" WIth the phone finally connecting via usb, the files I had transferred suddenly also showed up where before they were invisible. What is the mechanism behind this?
    07-16-16 02:31 AM

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