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    Hey everyone,

    So I'm currently running on a Verizon-branded BlackBerry Classic. I absolutely love this phone, and I have for about 6 months. My only annoyance is that certain apps take a while to load, and the music player can get a bit spotty if you browse the web.

    So, my question is, am I really on the latest update for my device? I've seen a ton of posts about a new firmware update but those seem to only be for the GSM model of this phone. Can anybody confirm this?

    Thank you for your time

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    02-20-16 10:45 PM
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    Mine is unlocked not Verison and it is OS Version operating on Telus.
    02-20-16 11:17 PM
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    You're on the latest update that Verizon is pushing, yeah. (OS is the latest carrier-pushed OS for both flavors of Verizon Classic.

    However, other carriers aren't shackled to the same schedule that Verizon has. You can see that by consulting this chart: http://forums.crackberry.com/bb10-le...nloads-920390/

    Whenever BlackBerry makes a software update available, 99/100 times they publish the necessary files to allow any device to use that update. As a result of how BlackBerry coded their device software, your Verizon Classic can use the exact same (100% identical) software as a GSM Classic, or the Z30 or Leap for that matter.

    Now, you can pretty much set Sachesi (the tool that allows one to download and install updates from other carriers) to any entry in that chart and get that specific update onto your Classic, if you want. Sachesi is smart enough to notice that if you've got a Classic plugged in but you're checking the update for (say) a Passport, then it'll download the Classic files for you instead of the (incompatible) Passport files.
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    02-20-16 11:18 PM

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