05-18-15 11:36 PM
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  1. Dave Bourque's Avatar
    I would just like to share my experience on this. Reading here I thought it was okay to use a higher mah charger so I bought a nokia 1.5 mah charger. Sure my device charged faster but it would heat up very much during charging also the battery would drain incredibly faster. Eventually over the period my mother board had got damaged.

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    It is okay.... but most of us used certified BlackBerry chargers.

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    05-18-15 11:06 AM
  2. AmritD's Avatar
    It is okay.... but most of us used certified BlackBerry chargers.

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    Probably that was the difference. I used a Nokia charger.

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    05-18-15 01:41 PM
  3. johnnyshinta's Avatar
    The 1A charger I got is made by "just wireless" and supposedly designed for LG but I figured 1A is 1A

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    05-18-15 02:25 PM
  4. BB-JAM215's Avatar
    As already mentioned any 1 Amp charger with a USB connector should work just fine since your phone will automatically control the charging process.

    I assume when Amritv refers to his 1.5 mah charger he means it was a 1.5 Amp charger, but assuming it was for a recent Nokia phone and had a USB connector it shouldn't on its own have caused his phone to overheat. I regularly use Nokia and BlackBerry chargers interchangeably and I have used a 2 Amp charger designed for a iPad to charge my phone without any noticeable problems.

    What is important is that your phone has adequate ventilation for cooling purposes when it is charging. There have been incidents of phone batteries overheating due to the phone being covered by pillows or blankets while it was charging.
    05-18-15 11:36 PM
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