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    Dear Crackberry users,

    I am currently using a BBQ10 and SG Note5. However, I have found someone on Crackberry as of recently that is willing to trade a Blackberry Classic and Blackberry Z30 for my Note5 and I am wondering how the Classic is in terms of General use and performance?
    I currently am using the Q10 which I am very happy with the overall performance and size of the device. Is it going to be similar experience as the Q10? Perhaps better? Or maybe not so much? Q10 is very hard to beat based on my opinion since it's a sturdy built phone and does perform wonderfully. Would love to get some insight from a current Classic user and maybe if you could also explain a few features or things that Classic has and Q10 doesn't or what are the advantages of having the Classic over the Q10? Battery life ? Specs? anything specific? Is it worth it at all? Can we take it apart and change the housing? Is it modifiable at all? I'm only asking these questions because I've never had the Classic and I want to make sure that I'm making the right decision when it comes to the Classic and Z30. If anyone here also has any insight on the Z30 as well please feel free to post about that too! I am very much looking forward to hear everything you all have to say about the Classic and Z30. Everyone feel free to chime in and share your thoughts please!

    Thanks to all of you in advance!
    10-03-16 09:52 AM
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    With having an android you're covered for apps...

    Sent from mTalk on Windows 10 Phone
    10-03-16 09:54 AM
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    General use and performance:
    Classic beats Q10 handily. You can navigate the Classic with greater speed and ease thanks to the trackpad. With practice you will learn exactly how far you need to scroll to get to the other column of applications to choose one. You will also learn the distance to scroll to flip to the next page. You no longer have to reach up to the screen and perform an overly exaggerated swipe motion to get to a new page.
    On the homescreen, pressing the  menu key will quickly open your quick actions list.
    Anywhere else in the OS, a long-press of the  menu key will perform the swipe-from-the-top-of-the-screen gesture.
    Other overall use tips for the Classic are that shift+trackpad scroll will highlight things quickly and accurately. You don't have to push and hold a touchscreen anymore.

    The performance of the Classic will match the Q10. They share most of the same internals.
    The Classic is taller and it is slightly wider. The screen is larger. (see the attached images for size comparison. Also note the paint wear on the Q10 keys. This is not as prevalent on the keys of the Classic. Both devices have been used for similar amounts of time)

    (Upgrading Advice, General Questions and Concerns.)-dsc_0067_edit.jpg

    (Upgrading Advice, General Questions and Concerns.)-dsc_0064_edit.jpg

    The battery of the Classic is larger. It is 2515mAh, where the Q10 is 2100mAh. The battery on the Classic cannot be removed. So don't get it wet

    I've never tried to take apart the housing.

    I've also never used a Z30, so I can't help there.
    I hope this makes your decision a bit more clear!
    If you have any other specific questions, just ask!

    Also note:
    These tips were copied from Slag, in another thread.

    1. To minimize an app, press the call end button. Simple enough, but you can build on that. From the homescreen with the apps in active frame (minimized), highlighting one and pressing the back key will close it. So combine this with the fact that pressing call end will minimize it, if you want to outright close a program, all you have to do is press call end, then back, since it highlights the app you just minimized automatically. The benefits to this are that not only do you not need to move your thumb as much, but you can do this without looking at your phone. Swiping up and touching the x requires looking.
    2. While in an app, pressing the BB button will open the overflow menu (3 dots on the bottom right). If that menu has more than one page, simply swipe on the trackpad in the direction of the other page and it'll switch.
    3. To access the top menu inside apps, no more need to reach your thumb all the way to the top of the screen, simply long press the BB button.
    4. As long as the phone app isn't minimized (where you might have navigated away from the main phone log), when you bring up the phone app by pressing the call send button, the last call should be highlighted, so to quickly redial the last number, simply press the call send button twice.
    5. From the hub, holding the shift key and swiping up or down with the trackpad will start highlighting messages, let go of shift and you can start selecting messages that are not together by highlighting then pressing down on the trackpad. You can toggle already selected messages on and off by clicking on them. To cancel the selection, press the back button. Press the BB key to open the options for what you just highlighted.
    6. Long pressing with the trackpad does exactly what long touching on the touchscreen does. Trust me, this is super useful.
    7. To select text, just use the trackpad to where you want to start, then hold shift and swipe over the trackpad. Then to copy the text, just press the BB key to open the menu, "Copy" should be highlighted so you can just press the BB key again (basically press BB key twice). Then to paste the text, go to where you want to paste, and same thing, press BB key twice.
    8. In the camera, if you press and hold the trackpad, the camera will refocus, then when you let go of the trackpad it will take the photo.
    9. In an email, just press the BB button twice to send, unless you have text you have copied that haven't been pasted yet. If that's the case and you still want to send, make use of tip #2 and swipe in the direction of the "more" option on your trackpad, then hit the trackpad or BB key.

    Posted via CB10
    10-03-16 02:04 PM
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    Wonderful detailed information. I appreciate it very much and yes it has definitely given me the insight I was looking for. thanks again for your post.
    10-03-16 03:27 PM

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