1. g_t_n's Avatar
    I did a search but didn't find anything.

    On my Classic...

    If the screen is locked (meaning I'll need to enter the password to gain access) if I hit the 'back' key on the tool belt I am presented with the password field and can type it in and proceed.

    If the screen is just asleep (meaning I will not have to enter the password to gain access) hitting the 'back' key on the tool belt presents me with the yellow message that I should swipe up or press U and then enter to unlock.

    Is there a setting to make the behavior the same in each case? In other words I would like to have hitting the 'back' key consistently give me functional access to the phone.

    12-09-15 12:00 PM
  2. krugbot's Avatar
    Unfortunately we're alone in desiring this functionality. Best you can do to unlock the screen without touching it is pressing u+enter. For whatever reason the Classic wasn't given the ability to unlock via the toolbelt.

    Posted via CB10
    12-09-15 12:05 PM
  3. symbotier's Avatar
    I am also annoyed by this!

    Posted from my Classic
    12-09-15 12:34 PM
  4. g_t_n's Avatar
    Perhaps in 10.3.3.
    12-09-15 01:27 PM
  5. undefinederror's Avatar
    The back key will unlock the phone if you first push and hold the power button until shut-down options appear, then use your back key to exit the options.(basically canceling powering off your device).


    If the screen is asleep, you can turn on the display by:
    -pressing any of the number keys
    -pressing any of the toolbelt keys
    -pressing the power/unlock button at the top of the phone.(this one works only when the 'allow power key to unlock device' setting is off)

    To unlock the phone you can:
    -use the power button at the top of the phone if the 'allow power key to unlock device' setting is on.
    -push and hold the end key on the toolbelt until the phone prompts for a reset/power off, then push the back key to cancel.
    -push 'U' then Enter key.
    -swipe up from the bottom of the screen .

    Edit: now the power off + back button isn't working for me anymore...
    Maybe it will work for you?
    Posted via CB10
    12-09-15 01:47 PM

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