04-15-15 09:43 AM
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    Can't you just manually add your "nomenclature" to the BB dictionary? I've added many unique work related words to the my Passport dictionary.

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    We do that, occasionally, but too many of terminal & conductor designations are "one off" unique. Too many are so similar with just single character to differentiate. That single character can cause expensive and hazardous complications during an already intense plant starup, for example. QC & QA validation, for example, provides best assurance when the data is physically re-entered, via PKB, by a tech who has no preconceived clues about what the data should be. See what I mean? Too easy for human or machine to select a wrong item from a list.

    We're using our devices in ways BB never envisioned but your advice is certainly valid for "normal" users.
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    04-15-15 09:08 AM
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    Thank you so much. It worked! My key boards are now magical as they were.

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    04-15-15 09:43 AM
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