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    Sure... everyone has a right to his/her opinion. But saying this ís garbage and honestly don't like the bb10 then that's no opinion imo.

    You should better read my first post then.

    Every time a Blackberry Fan here in Crackberry has negative feedback about Blackberry, it results in massive ostracizing.

    One thing to remember is that no amount of ostracizing will resolve or remove any negative feedback.

    Negative Feedback will stay and carry on person to person outside from Crackberry, where bad news and negative feedback is known to spread much faster than good news and positive feedback.

    So if you really want to help Blackberry as a brand, then consider taking complaints seriously and acting accordingly.

    OS10 has to be made to work for EVERY Blackberry fan.
    04-22-15 02:00 PM
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    I get you...But I realize now that everybody use their phone differently. For me comming from Android this is heaven. I never had a phone like this, and i'm very happy with this bb10 and I can't find any complaints.

    But I can get a little agitated when someone say it's garbage.. that's over the top imo.

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    04-22-15 02:29 PM
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    I can't believe guys like this still lurks on Crackberry. I don't understand how a narrow minded person like this is allowed to roam on here to make stupid remarks about BB10 when he has never own a BB10 phone.

    Are you lost from your herd little iSheep?

    Btw, it's rude to high jack someone's thread for you own agenda to spread your sad feelings toward Blackberry.

    Thanks. But you can compare OS10 with iOS.

    For me OS10 is like iOS, except that iOS is something that actually works.

    So at this point of time, I'd rather get an iPhone than some cheaply made incomplete iPhone imitation with a slapped on keyboard that is still waiting for dozens and dozens of patches to work like it should.
    04-22-15 03:14 PM
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    1. I would the option to develop a shortucut to the hub VVM so I can get there in one click. I would also like a VVM icon like OS7 had. If you enter VVM from the hub, it is different than if you enter VVM from the Phone screen. The VVM that is accessed from the Phone screen is a piece of garbage because you have to tab down, then slide back to the left with the cursor, then play the voicemail. That's horrible and useless.

    2. I want the ability to turn the alert messages off or at least customize them in some way. The phone asking me every time it comes across a new WIFI network if I want to connect to that network drives me insane. For this reason I just leave WIFI off unless I have to do something on the internet. This happened to me a few days ago even though I had the box unchecked to alert me about new wifi. I suspect it did this because I was turning the phone on/off?

    3. I wish I could use a OS7 style text message setup, I kind of hate the iphone style text bubbles.

    4. Give us the option of running the phone in a less hardware intensive mode (text message mode, less graphics) to increase phone speeds and performance. I hate waiting for a text message screen to load because it has to load these stupid boxes and graphics that I don't want or need.

    That's it for me, I really just want those few issues addressed.
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    04-23-15 08:13 AM
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    Is amazing how all seem to be experts in software development while Apple only gives whatever they want on software. People seem to forget that the iOs had to pass almost 3 updates to insert the copy and paste function!!

    While BB10 is not without its shortcomings it is quite an impressive OS. I came about a month ago from the legacy BlackBerry device and I am very surprised how I thought at the beginning I would not like some stuff like the hub, but after working with it I do mainly all my communication with the phone and use the laptop for a more official email when I need to tripple edit a quote or something. BB10, possibility to instantly share any data from any email is so forward. Also send items showing both computer and phone (imap server at work).

    I give credit to BlackBerry that they managed to create an OS which is a communication workhorse in my opinion. No OS is perfect but BB10 for business and communication is above all in my opinion. I like BlackBerry for what it is and welcome their upgrades but would not go around complaining if a feature is missing because no OS is perfect.

    The only thing which I don't agree on the BB10 is the inclusion of Android apps. BB10 should have native apps and not rely on Android runtime for a lot of apps (which don't seem to all run well and crash most of the times). BlackBerry getting people to make native aps is a difficult task. Even Viber is not available for Classic while on OS7 is was!!! Sideloading is not everyone's flavour which is why Apple has the upper hand even in their closed locked behind the doors sealed environment.

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    04-23-15 03:23 PM
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    Telling someone that needs help to go fish is only another reason for new users to move to another platform. Which they will. BlackBerry is not a user friendly device. It takes time to be profession.

    How about a simple read the tutorial or go to You Tube and do a search?

    Then if they have a specific problem post the problem as it is almost impossible to do a search for a fix. There is just to much information and the website programing is not good enough to narrow the search.

    I just posted a long reply on another thread regarding using the Classic. I would provide you a link but I'm on a cell.

    If you still need help most of the people within this forum will try to assist you.

    Edit: Here is a copy from my other post:

    I'm from the loyal 9900 users that up graded to the Classic on launch day. I loved the 99 and how fast it was, but the lack of RAM and battery life was killing me. I had less than 300mb of working RAM, not enough to use in today's apps.

    I used Device Switch to move all the information to the Classic.

    The BB10 was a pain and steep learning curve. It took me 2 weeks just to get use to the Hub and gesture functions. I used my 9900 as a secomd device on Wifi for 2 months, slowly faded away and migrated to BB10 completely using a Z10 as a spare.

    BBM on BB10 suck no other way to put it. There is not the sharing of all social media as BBOS7. Blame ML/TH/RIM for short cutting the software. BBM10 has turn out to be a fancy text messenger.

    I learned that OS as you know it does not encompass a specific demographic. They now program the OS to be broad and then you customize your application with apps that fit your needs. If they programmed the OS to fit everybody the amount of memory would be so large it would require bigger and faster CPU's

    Without this understanding No one from the OS7 platform is going to be happy.

    That being said the "lack of" in the BB10 OS has actually saved me 4-5 hours per day. It has force me to seek other ways to feed multiple social medias.

    I have 10 Twitter, 2 FaceBook and 11 FB pages I now feed with Hootsuite and Gnewsreader. I am able to send out 2k tweets per day automatically using RSS feeds.

    This free time has allowed me to research BlackBerry's forums. I have this Classic humming with the latest leak OS and have customized it by removing unwanted or not used software programs. Reducing the amount of data your OS has to search through speeds up your phone.

    All this being said it's to bad you did not give the phone a chance to be everything and more that the 9900 is now.

    Last night I listed my 9900 and was sold before 8am today. So my 99 is gone forever. RIP

    I'm looking forward to another BlackBerry device soon.
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    04-23-15 04:52 PM
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    1. No issues. Perhaps unlink the said account?

    2. Blackberry KB36670. (I can’t post links yet but there’s a fix, there). A genuine failing on Blackberry.

    3. Same as #2

    4. Not any more, BB Link takes over that functionality of backup, now, to your computer. Blackberry is saving space on their servers but they still offer the device location option, if your phone is lost (location services must be on)… Modern computers won’t hiccup at a 64GB backup of your phone, in the age of TBs worth of storage space. Look at the “iCloud storage pricing,” To see more evidence of this retail thinking.

    5. There are other options in the phone OS itself, to granularly choose what you want to happen, when roaming, Protect is now only designed to locate your lost phone (in the old days, it was a cloud-based backup but no more – use your computer). Get Box.net or Dropbox, which offers 2x to 3x more storage than even iCloud for free.

    6. I’d never tried this before but I just opened Assistant and typed in a family name: they all came up in about 4 seconds. If your phone is running slowly, maybe you can try rebooting once a week (as is good advice) or make a different thread, asking about that?

    7. Never tried that. The user manual is quite comprehensive, however.

    8. Ahh, I’ve never tried that, outside of the normal copy & paste, can you walk me through the dynamics of tha issuet?

    9. Use IMAP. POP is the past. IMAP will always copy your sent messages to your sent folder. We’ve been doing that for the last five years, now. You were adamant about online storage with Protect, so it’s now time to use an online backup/storage solution for email that’s free and large capacity.

    10. Hmm, it takes about one second to open an email from the Hub, for me. You may need to reboot your device (Hold both up and down volume buttons for about 20 seconds). You may also need to kill some Android apps that may be using processor cycles. Your phone may need a couple days to index everything, after reboot (keep it plugged in). Also go into “System Settings,” then “App Manager.:” The “Device Manager” can give you a list of apps that may have to be closed.

    I had a Bold 9700 for about four years, and loved it. It was OS5. When I got my Classic, I wiped the Bold and put OS6 onto it, and was surprised at how fast it rebooted! Four minutes, instead of ten! Holy moo-cow! I’m going to give that phone to my seven-year old, as a toy (Parentals locked down). I was still irked at how different OS6 acted, when I was so OS5, in my habits… Same challenge was my jump to BB10 from older BBOS: A quantum leap, of sorts.

    Granted my Classic is only one month old but I’ve used it quite heavily, after reading all the posts here and at the Blackberry Support forums (to see where BBOS users were getting confused or frustrated – same for me, OS5 to OS6, then BB10). I read the Classic’s user’s manual top to bottom and have tapped/clicked on every icon I could find. I’ve read a lot about how I can adapt the ways I did things in the BBOS to how I can do things in BB10… On the Classic, with keyboard shortcuts: It’s just faster at communication and reference.
    04-29-15 05:51 AM
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    The one thing i want to change is that it's available on Linux!

    Posted via my awesome Classic
    04-29-15 08:11 AM
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