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    I used to be a 9700 user, anyone got secret features or tricks with the Classic?

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    04-07-16 09:05 PM
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    Same keyboard shortcuts.
    I like the hold to get the capital letter

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    04-07-16 09:24 PM
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    See Slagman5's posts. They are excellent.

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    04-07-16 11:15 PM
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    From the home screen, simply start typing what you want to do. That will invoke BlackBerry Assistant, and you will be off to the races!
    ex: shuffle music.
    text [contact name]
    Define [word]
    Type in file names to search your device.
    Type contact names to see recent interactions.

    -also, with the assistant open, swipe down from the top of the screen(or long-press the BlackBerry symbol key) and open the settings for the assistant. Adjust the settings as you require. (specifically device search settings. Set these in order of importance to you, so searches become more relevant.)

    Also, from the homescreen, you can long-press any key to assign a shortcut or use an existing shortcut.

    And this from Slagman:
    1. To minimize an app, press the call end button. Simple enough, but you can build on that. From the homescreen with the apps in active frame (minimized), highlighting one and pressing the back key will close it. So combine this with the fact that pressing call end will minimize it, if you want to outright close a program, all you have to do is press call end, then back, since it highlights the app you just minimized automatically. The benefits to this are that not only do you not need to move your thumb as much, but you can do this without looking at your phone. Swiping up and touching the x requires looking.
    2. While in an app, pressing the BB button will open the overflow menu (3 dots on the bottom right). If that menu has more than one page, simply swipe on the trackpad in the direction of the other page and it'll switch.
    3. To access the top menu inside apps, no more need to reach your thumb all the way to the top of the screen, simply long press the BB button.
    4. As long as the phone app isn't minimized (where you might have navigated away from the main phone log), when you bring up the phone app by pressing the call send button, the last call should be highlighted, so to quickly redial the last number, simply press the call send button twice.
    5. From the hub, holding the shift key and swiping up or down with the trackpad will start highlighting messages, let go of shift and you can start selecting messages that are not together by highlighting then pressing down on the trackpad. You can toggle already selected messages on and off by clicking on them. To cancel the selection, press the back button. Press the BB key to open the options for what you just highlighted.
    6. Long pressing with the trackpad does exactly what long touching on the touchscreen does. Trust me, this is super useful.
    7. To select text, just use the trackpad to where you want to start, then hold shift and swipe over the trackpad. Then to copy the text, just press the BB key to open the menu, "Copy" should be highlighted so you can just press the BB key again (basically press BB key twice). Then to paste the text, go to where you want to paste, and same thing, press BB key twice.
    8. In the camera, if you press and hold the trackpad, the camera will refocus, then when you let go of the trackpad it will take the photo.
    9. In an email, just press the BB button twice to send, unless you have text you have copied that haven't been pasted yet. If that's the case and you still want to send, make use of tip #2 and swipe in the direction of the "more" option on your trackpad, then hit the trackpad or BB key.

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    04-08-16 02:05 AM
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    Mama eh Thanks, youre on fire

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    04-08-16 05:57 AM
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    Nice job! Thanks!

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    04-09-16 09:12 AM
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    The email send using the BB menu button was a revelation, I hate that send button way up at the top of the screen when using one hand, but you can also send by hitting the trackpad twice. This removes the issue of fighting with something hanging around in the clipboard if you use the BB menu button to send.
    06-27-16 01:02 AM

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