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    Youtube is better in-browser compared to the official app on Android which I found paused itself when not running in primary view. Have Google Play app installed and occasionally use Google Maps (the best for navigation and finding stuff), Pandora, Flipboard (Preferred news reader), Ookla Speedtest, GasBuddy, Blaq and Flixster.

    Having a keyboard for emails and SMS is my main reason for keeping this handset but it's nothing to brag about using the highly customizable Neutron or BB Music apps. The camera I realized doesn't even compare to regular cams so I'm considering either shopping for a (comparitively) low-cost $200 powershot or getting a bigger Sony Xperia Z4 or something, no scratch that I like a unified center of information too much to want Android ever again for communications. Perhaps can hold on until the new iPhone comes out and supports that weird BlackBerry keyboard ripoff that might be worthwhile.

    Prior to this had a Xperia Z3 compact, liked the specs and idea of Android however didn't like having to use 2 separate email apps and then a separate SMS app (decent email and text message apps cost money) and then typing on a super small touchscreen keyboard wasn't for me. Minimizing Youtube, switching to something else and/or pressing power to power off the screen pauses Youtube which was annoying because blackberry has none of those problems in-browser.

    Had the Q10 which I liked but missed the trackpad so much because I had the 9900 Bold right before that and it was all so fluid and well put together. Now I don't want to tote a tablet to read the news in Flipboard for example, camera for decent pics and phone for communications all separately if it can be avoided even though they all have their strong-points, that's a lot of hardware to take along places.

    You will be happy with this phone long as the considerations to do with viewing screen space and camera quality isn't super important. In the future I may end up having a second device for entertainment, reading the news, capturing images and managing music but keep the BB for communications or perhaps switch it out all together it really all depends. Will definitely be reading through BB10/iOS comparisons on Crackberry sometime soon.
    04-14-15 12:53 PM
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    4 months of the passport with me as well. It is a senior white collar workers device - it is not a toy. Keyboard that is track pad at same time is bloody brilliant. 3 email accounts (1 work / 1 mine and 1 for the daughter + growth for the son) to monitor. Skype with desktop sharing = pure joy. Having all the applications that the Droid users have and none of the problems is bloody brilliant.

    Wife's Z10 (my last device) was awkward to use though the menus and settings were the same - but the keyboard and screen was really missing.The daughters iPhone 5S was.... irritating to use.

    BlackBerry has ruined me for future device implementations.... The PP is simply the only device for me.
    04-14-15 02:39 PM
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    I use Super Tube for youtube, even integrates into the universal search.

    Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10
    04-14-15 03:04 PM
  4. lakes76's Avatar
    FastTube also works well too as a YouTube replacement
    and has search/browser integration as well.

    Posted via CB10
    04-14-15 03:26 PM
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    Sounds to me you bought the Classic for the wrong reasons. Your media consumption out weighs the benefits of message productivity of the classic. If you asked the CrackBerry board for opinions 4 months ago, they would suggest you to go for an iPhone or Samsung for sure. I think you already knew what you're getting yourself into and now you have buyers remorse thats all. It's been said many times before the Classic isn't made for everyone in mind.

    On the plus side BlackBerry will be launching their productivity software for iOS and Android soon so you can enjoy BlackBerry HUB on your prefer media OS.
    04-14-15 04:39 PM
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    Love my Classic, been rocking BlackBerry since the Q10, recently purchased a surface for work/play and love the combo the two devices allow for.

    I send/receive lots of work emails throughout the day and the ability to respond to them in a professional matter without having to correct mistakes is priceless. My friends give me crap about owning a BlackBerry but I just smile as I'm writing a full email back to my boss over beers whereas they either take longer or have to call.

    Thanks for the post.

    Posted via CB10
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    04-14-15 05:01 PM
  7. Black Ice's Avatar
    What I use my Classic for is mostly communications sms calls my none vital emails msn and Gmail and or quick news reading and I use my Z30 for fun and play and my primary emails and Web surfing.

    I'm a huge fan of BlackBerry and yes I agree they could be more fun in some ways but they really do serve a purpose just without all the bells and whistles like android and or eye candy like iPhone has with their phones.
    Don't look for the bad keep building upon the great BlackBerry can do instead focus upon the great they can do and if you look at them as a hybrid I'm sure you can find the beautiful things and wide open possibilities that they hold. It ain't everyday that you have a hybrid to play with.

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    04-14-15 07:10 PM
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    A Classic pic
    Thoughts after 4 months ownership-img_20150412_193244.jpg
    04-14-15 07:59 PM

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