01-26-15 07:52 PM
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    I came from a Z10 (full touch) unit. There IS a certain amount of a re-learning curve with going back to a QWERTY. But, oh HOW I've missed my keys! All the shortcuts... oh yeah! And I never thought I'd miss/need the trackpad, but I really am enjoying it again! Biggest drawback is screen real estate, but you get used to the smaller screen VERY quickly. The pluses of the classic def outweigh the negatives. Try it! I think you'll agree.

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    01-26-15 07:14 PM
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    The issues/concerns with the Classic can be addressed via software. The two biggest issues are non-removable battery and old dated SOC! If I hadn't fallen in love with the keyboard I'd return it due to the two things I can't change. I hate that RIM decided to be cheap. The SOC should have been more recent to really make this classic "classic"

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