04-12-15 11:33 AM
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  1. Raaj_enter's Avatar
    [QUOTE=jae hoon;

    So much buttons to press! I love it

    From my Classic[/QUOTE]
    So much buttons to press!
    I like it..

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    04-10-15 01:03 PM
  2. kevets's Avatar
    Spacebar for page down and long press for CAPS is Super Easy.

    Hold down the sym key and hit your character. When you release, the virtual keyboard disappears. Very slick!

    It also has made me better at emailing. It brings back the "scroll up to check recipients and review before hitting send at the top" behavior which is great for me.

    Today is battery kill day. Off charger @ 730 today and I'm down to 20%. That's with pretty heavy use for me.

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    04-10-15 03:34 PM
  3. bbinoz's Avatar

    BB10 Facebook is still laughably behind for a BlackBerry native app. Almost everything else has a good premium feel now.
    Just curious as to what the BlackBerry Facebook app is missing or what exactly is different compared to the app for iPhone or Android?

    The only difference I noted is that 'Messenger' on the BlackBerry app is still incorporated into the main app and doesn't require a separate install or to change screens - which I prefer.

    Storm 2 > Bold 9900 > Classic
    04-10-15 08:54 PM
  4. kevets's Avatar
    0% screenshot after more than a day. Not too shabby! Mostly battery saving mode.
    This thing...-img_20150412_021351.png

    Thanks a lot, Good!

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    04-12-15 01:16 AM
  5. abdulla saif's Avatar
    I am sure you will love it more and more.. ^^

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    04-12-15 01:31 AM
  6. BBUniq01's Avatar
    Here's another one. How easy it to quit an app on the iPhone? How easy it on a Classic? Real easy that's what.

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    No kidding about quitting apps on the iPhone. I was helping my husband with his work's iPhone 6 and could not believe the extra steps involved.

    Posted via Classic
    04-12-15 08:50 AM
  7. jaycnchacko's Avatar
    Good battery, but overall sluggish performance. Great hardware finish though.

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    04-12-15 09:30 AM
  8. kevets's Avatar
    The FB app on iphone has a some newer features with videos in the news feed but I'm not really sure what else. Not a deal breaker obviously.

    If there is a high spec version of this in the future I am staying with this form factor. It's great!

    Posted via CB10
    04-12-15 11:33 AM
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