1. rallanr's Avatar
    My new job has issued me a previously used BB Classic. I opened the SD card slot today and noticed that there was thin piece of metal sitting in the top of the slot. It didn't seem to be impeding the actual SD card tray at all. I though this might be a piece of shielding that was intended to line the top of the slot. The piece was loose and without much effort i managed to remove it from the SD card slot. It's quite thin, about the same size as the SD card but not as thick. The metal has various part numbers on it including the same BB code number that is the device name of my Classic.

    Does anyone know what this is, what it's for, and if it's an issue that it was lose and now no longer in place? The BB seems to work fine and the SD tray fits fine too although I haven't loaded an actual SD card into it.
    03-08-17 12:27 AM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Put an SD card in an see if it works. Put a SIM in and see if it works. If one of the two doesn't work, then you can assume its a piece of metal from their trays lol. Other than that, I dunno why it would be there. Seems a bit of a silly thing to put in that area. If everything works though, meh.
    03-08-17 12:36 AM
  3. rallanr's Avatar
    SIM card works fine in it's own tray. Don't have the right sized SD card for the slot that the piece of metal came out of. I'm thinking it is supposed to be there since it's got part numbers that match my Classic. Maybe a shield or spring that helps keep the D card in place when its installed.
    03-08-17 07:41 AM

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