1. edensgardener's Avatar
    I finally got my Classic (yipee) (basically to upgrade my old 2nd line with the Q10 and the Classic to replace that on my main number.)

    Never the less - I'm having an issue sorting my Text Msgs by "received" as opposed to this mish mash order.

    I've checked my "settings" against my Q10's - matching as far as I can tell.

    Anyone know the magic setting I've missed?

    Background - at the Tmobile store, where remarkably, they have a BB proficient employee - he xfered contacts from Q10 to sim card then from old sim card to new nano sized sim card for the Classic.

    When I got home, I did "Device Switch" and also xferred msgs, contacts, calendar, etc.
    (Device switch won't work on many public or corporate wifi connections so we couldn't do that there.) He just figured he'd do what he could at the store.

    All of my contacts are there, and as far as I can see, all of the messages, too, it's just an order I can't recognize.

    Thank you!
    03-13-17 09:52 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Did you try a hard reboot... sometimes it reorganizes things after that.
    edensgardener likes this.
    03-14-17 10:23 AM
  3. edensgardener's Avatar
    A reboot and I had to try to re-do the device switch - which didn't go so well, b/c for whatever reason, the signal kept getting interrupted it said. So now I have duplicate messages. LOL

    They did, however, seem to get back into order. Thankfully!
    03-15-17 08:32 AM

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